Astro 25 "Field Astronomy in the California Mountains"

Astro 25 "Field Astronomy in the California Mountains"

Astro 25 Field Astronomy in the California Mountains July 13-15, 2018 At Chimney Peak Wilderness Milky Way above the sage

Campfire cosmology lecture! Especially if cloudy one or both nights (not likely!) Astro 28M, in 2010, was conducted here This sign is at the Hwy 178 /

Canebrake Rd turnoff. Anne, one of our volunteer helpers, in 2010,

measuring some of the pictograph s If you miss the campground turn, and keep

going, youll end up Ting into Kennedy Meadows Rd Site choice was determined by this rare and very favorable special event. A bright star (magnitude 9.3) will disappear behind the asteroid Christa along this path.

The northern limit of the path is not far north of camp. The red line is bounds the 1-standard deviation uncertainty northern limit Our Big Science equipment! 8 Celestron 8SE telescope Meade f/3.3 focal reducer to concentrate the

focused light on Watec 910hx low light video camera Signal to be combined with GPS time stamps using an IOTA Video Time Inserter, and the video frames then recorded on mini-DV tape with a Canon ZR45mc video recorder Heres what such an event looks like

Target star, in rich star field of the Milky Way Scope, videocam, and VTI plus recording gear in the gray box

Software (LiMovie) will do photometry on the miniDV file.avi 2 minutes of video photometry; lightcurves! Tracking star (yellow), comparison star (pink), and target star at bottom (blue). Note the few seconds of the occultation Heres a Couple of YouTube videos of an

asteroid occultation Occultation by Chariklo, and its ring! Watch close to see the brief drop due to the ring. Kolga Occultation 2/5/2010; path, predictions, video, and resulting light curve Combining Occultation timings from different observers

across the path allows the precise outline of the asteroid to be measured more accurately than any other way, except by visiting spacecraft May 14, 2018 Occultation by asteroid Virginia If there is also long term photometry processed by computer models, then a combination of the

shape and varying surface reflectivity can be determined. BUT to separate these two different properties (shape, and how reflectivity changes across surface), then must have asteroid occultation data May 1 2018 Occultation by Elektra

Our Event involves a bright star magnitude 9.3, by the asteroid Christa The event is at 11:49pm on Friday, as were wrapping up other observing. From 10:45pm on, I and Kirk Bender and JP (our telescope team) will be showing you the whole process, from setting up, aligning the

scope, identifying the target field, testing the equipment, and getting the data Saturday: Ill get up early and start working on the French Crepes

breakfast! Helpers can later carve fruit and set out the plates etc while I work my magic on the batter and stove.

Saturday Adventures The Native American site will probably be our first goal Then finding good spots along the Kern River for lectures and frolicing in the river. South Creek falls? Slide rocks? Im still working on these. Id like to do a short hike to get to a look out over

the desert, that will be closer to our camp. Will select a trail before I see you out there. There is fascinating geology and planetary processes here at the border between the Basin and Range and the Sierra. Rugged landscapes of pinyon pine. The Pacific Crest

Trail runs through here Topo map of our camp area. There should be a trail that can take us 1200 ft up to the ridge from the campground, and get a panoramic view of the desert.

Well have 2 or 3 telescopes to show you the deep sky wonders along the star formation

regions of the center areas of our Galaxy. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all well placed too

Sunday: Visit Remington Hot Springs on the Kern River below Lake Isabella An intrepid group of volunteers

contructed these pools right on the Kern River, from natural hot springs. Afterwards Ill

pass out the finals and well say our bon voyage. You should be back in Santa Cruz well before dark.

Your responsibilities: Read the campers checklist linked on our webpage and be sure you bring tent, and other camping gear Bring water for your drinking. There is not likely to be water at the campsite. Get yourself to/from the venues. The Cabrillo van will be

jammed solid with cooking gear, telescopes, camp gear for instructor and volunteer(s) Grading: based mostly on the take-home final exam. Also includes your participation in all activities. Ill be taking roll at each micro-lecture. You might consider taking a NP if you dont care about your grade, since then you can sign up for another Astro 25 later,

and have THAT one be for the grade!

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