At a Glance - TAPE

At a Glance - TAPE

Technical and Project Engineering, LLC (TAPE) is a trusted provider
of agile, DevSecOps-based IT, training, and management solutions to
the Federal Government. Our experts help clients solve complex
challenges by integrating internal expertise with existing processes.
We develop agile software for the Army that builds readiness by
modeling financial requirements for individual and unit training. We
helped the Marine Corps develop services that track acquisition
support and logistics for training facilities and devices. We also
helped Immigration and Customs Enforcement earn cyber security
awards for our IT security management and oversight and Risk
Management Framework (RMF) assessments. Whether the challenge
is keeping our nation safe, or making the military or government more
efficient and cost effective, TAPE will provide measurable results.
VETS 2 IT Services

VETS 2 Ancillary Services

Data Management

Clerical support

IT Operations and Maintenance

Data entry

Software Development

IT products

Systems Design

Server racks

Information and
Communications Technology

Software licenses
Minor construction, alteration, and
repair to real property

The Veterans Technology Services 2 (VETS 2) government-wide acquisition
contract (GWAC) is a multiple award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity
vehicle available to any Federal Government agency through the General
Services Administration (GSA).
Through this vehicle, on which TAPE is a prime contractor, we provide
government clients with customized, agile IT services-based solutions with a
DevSecOps approach. which can be tailored to meet an organizations particular
mission needs. Our full spectrum of IT services includes cyber security and Risk
Management Framework assessments. Contractors may perform services at
government and contractor locations, as specified in each task order.

VETS 2 Advantages for Federal Agencies
Low 0.75% Contract Access Fee
Office of Management and Budget-designated Best-in-Class status
Full scope of IT support; including new, emerging, and customized services
Exclusive SDVOSB set aside vehicle to help agencies meet socioeconomic goals
Contract type flexibility, including cost reimbursement
Standardized IT labor categories
No protests allowed on orders of $10 million and below
Worldwide geographic coverage

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