Auditions: How to Get Through - Thurston High School Theatre Arts

Auditions: How to Get Through - Thurston High School Theatre Arts

Auditions: How to Get Through Step #1- The Search Professionally... ... Your agent does that for you. Pre-professionally... Be observant at school Locate local theatrical companies websites Casting notices are currently posted online more frequently

Theatrical Companies in Eugene/Springfield Rose Childrens Theater Actors Cabaret Oregon Contemporary Theater The Very Little Theater The SHEDD Step #2- The Requirements Decipher the mumbo-jumbo

What is required out of this posting? Prepare (a) a short memorized monologue that demonstrates your acting ability and (b) a song selection from the classic period of musical comedy and musical theatre (1920-60) that demonstrates your skills as a singer. We strongly recommend that you do not prepare a song from a more recent period, and that you choose an arrangement that is in a classical musical comedy/musical theatre style. You must sing using the Shedd's audition accompanist, so bring music. Your monologue and song selection must each be no more than 1 minute. Do not prepare your monologue or choose a song from the shows in The Shedd's immediate production schedule.

You will need to attend a dance audition held on the same day as your acting/singing audition. Bring appropriate dance shoes and attire. If you said... ONE monologue no longer than a minute ONE short song selection from a classical musical theater piece WITH sheet music for THEIR accompanist Preparation for a dance component

THEN YOU WERE RIGHT! Most auditions require... At least one monologue to demonstrate your acting abilities If auditioning for a musical- either a combo of song and monologue or just a song. Step #3- Find Your Material How do you choose what monologue/song

to bring? Sometimes, they tell you exactly what they are looking for i.e. looking for classical musical theater song, two contemporary monologues, etc. Other times, you have to be a detective. Playing Detective If you are auditioning for a Shakespeare play, the company might want to know if A. You can handle Shakespeares language

B. Do fight choreography C. Do improv D. Memorize a monologue Which one do you think? BINGO! An Audition is a Preview! An audition is a peek into an actors ability. Soooooooooooooo.... If you can prove yourself adept at the style

of the play in your time, you put yourself in better standing. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER choose to do a monologue or song from the play you are auditioning for. Let the directors play pretend and imagine you in that role.

The callback will usually ask for you to do readings or pieces from the actual show Step #4- Research The Show Before you audition for the show, you need to know what it is about. Why? The director will ask you questions about Characters Plot Abilities

You need to know which character you would like to perform as. It shows commitment and excitement to the project. Step #5- Rehearse The Material Be fully memorized A good way to know is if you can say it in the shower as you wash your hair. Put it on auto-pilot.

Practice it in front of other people. Get some of those nerves out by making it a normal practice to perform in front of an audience. Know your Slate Understand how to pronounce the names of the playwrights and know what piece it is from. A good slate is: Hello, my name is_____. I will be performing a piece from __________ by _______ and I will be playing the part of _______. Thank you.

Step #6- Prepare Clothing Should be neutral: nothing too costume-y Should be loose enough to move around in and not distract Printing Prepare your up-to-date headshot/resume with at least 3 copies Prepare your sheet music, taped together to

prevent page turns Sleep well the night before The Headshot/Resume Step #7- The Audition Check in WELL BEFORE your audition time It is said, To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be replaced

Do not practice your material in the lobby before If you arent ready at this point, you shouldnt be there and it just turns into showing off to intimidate the other actors... You have more class than that. Have something in place to combat nerve symptoms. If you get dry mouth, eat an apple before you go. If you get shaky, drink water in sips. If you feel anxious, take deep breaths and listen to music. Step #7- The Audition (cont.)

As you go in, hand your resume and head shot to those auditioning you, and shake their hand They will tell you what they would like in the audition, so go with the flow. Be courteous and polite. Following the audition, thank them for their time, shaking hands again couldnt hurt. Step #8- The Wait

Usually auditioning for a part goes quickly. The schedule Day 1: The general audition Day 2: The callback Day 3: The callback Etc. (They will tell you the timeline at the end of

your audition) You will receive notification of your audition through a call, a posting, an email, etc. DO NOT HOUND THE AUDITIONERS. They are trying to make a decision in a timely manner. Step #9- Closure Either you Got a Part

Didnt Get a Part Regardless, you continue breathing and eating and sleeping and living. Circle of life. Its the Lion King. Get it?

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