Author Author Richard Riordan, Jr. Longtime teacher and educator before becoming a fulltime author Riordan was inspired to write the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series for his son, who has been diagnosed with ADHD and loved the myths of the Greeks General Information

General Information Released in 2005 The book has sold over 1 million copies and spawned 4 sequels and a movie adaptation The Lightning Thief infuses the world of Greek mythology with the modern world General Information General Information

The main character, Percy Jackson, discovers he is a demigod, half mortal and half god In the world of The Lightning Thief gods, monsters and fantastic weapons are amongst us all, but mortals are too distracted and disbelieving to ever notice Literary Focus Literary Focus Point of View

Percy Jackson tells the story of The Lightning Thief in the 1st person point of view. Percys viewpoint directly funnels the readers thoughts in one direction, while the action will often go in another direction

It also allows the readers to get insight into Percys psyche and mental makeup Literary Focus Literary Focus Suspense The story moves quickly due to the constant anticipation created. The quest Percy

undergoes lends itself to constant conflict and feelings of unease about the outcome of the novel Literary Focus Literary Focus Foreshadowing Throughout the novel small clues are left behind pointing the reader to future events

More specifically that Percy is not normal and when Percy is about to encounter a dangerous monster Themes and Focus Family Friendship and Sacrifice Confidence and Belief Man vs. God The Quest and Journey Betrayal and

Revenge Summary and Plot Overview Percy Jackson is a twelve year old boy diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, who has been expelled from several schools. Percy eventually finds out he doesnt fit in society because he is a half-blood. Half-bloods are part mortal and part god. Percy embarks on a series of adventures where he must battles gods and monsters from mythology with the goal of finding Zeuss lost lightning bolt Summary and Plot Overview Summary and Plot

Overview Along his journey he is helped by his mentor Chiron, his friends Grover and Annabeth, and a variety of magical tools and weapons His quest takes him to all corners of the United States, from New York, to St. Louis, to Las Vegas, to Los Angeles, to the underworld!

The Mortals Character Analysis Sally Jackson: She is the mother of Percy and she was married to "Smelly" Gabe." Despite Percys difficulties fitting in with regular society, both Sally and Percy have a special bond and connection that drives the plot of the story Smelly Gabe:

The selfish, mean-spirited step father of Percy Demi-Gods Character Analysis Percy Jackson: The protagonist; a twelve year old boy who has been diagnosed with ADHD as well as dyslexia. He embarks on an adventure to find Zeus's master lightning bolt to prevent a disastrous war among the gods. He lacks confidence in himself and his abilities. Part of the intrigue of the story is seeing him mature and realize his untapped potential throughout the narrative

Demi-Gods Character Analysis Annabeth Chase: Luke Castellan:

A twelve year old daughter of the goddess Athena. Annabeth has been going to Camp Half-Blood since she was seven She and Percy have a antagonistic relationship, but as the story progresses a friendship and mutual respect blossoms Counselor at Camp Half-Blood who helps train Percy in the art of battle. Son of Hermes

Gods Character Analysis Kronos: Poseidon: Zeus: Lord of the Titans (giants). Father of the Olympians

Imprisoned in the pit of Tartarus. The god of the sea, storms. Symbol: Trident Percy Jacksons father. The chief god of the Olympians, god of the sky. Brother to Poseidon and Hades. Weapon: Lightning bolt

Married to Hera. Gods Character Analysis Dionysus Ares He is one of Camp HalfBlood's Activities Director. He is the wine god. The god of war who is represented as being a Harley-Davidson riding rebel. Son of Zeus.

Weapon: spear In love with Aphrodite (goddess of love). Gods Character Analysis Hades: Hephaestus: The god of the Underworld. Zeus brother Percy visits his realm during his quest to the underworld.

The god of forging and fire. Married to Aphrodite. Son of Zeus Jealous of Aphrodite and Ares. Sets up a trap that almost snares Percy. Gods Character Analysis Athena:

Hermes: The goddess of war and wisdom. Daughter of Zeus. She is Annabeths mother. The messenger god. Son of Zeus. Symbol: caduceus Has speedy winged sandals to deliver messages to the gods. Monsters

Character Analysis Grover: Percys protector. He has a job, but also is truly Percys friend He has failed in the past, but is looking to prove his bravery with the aid of Percy Grover is a satyr: he has the upper half of a man and the lower half of a goat Chiron:

A Centaur, half-horse and halfman. He is Camp Half-Blood's Activity Director Monsters Character Analysis Cerberus: Chimera Pronounced: SER-BER-US 3-headed dog who guarded the gates of the Underworld; permitted new spirits to enter, but it allowed no one to leave.

Son of the monster, Echidna. Pronounced: KY-MARE-UH Body of a goat, head of a lion, tail of a serpent Spawn of Echidna Monsters Character Analysis The Furies: Medusa Hades' chief servants The gorgon monster

whose stare can turn anyone who sees it into stone Monsters Character Analysis Minotaur: Part-man, part bull who chases Percy into Camp Half-Blood. Naiads: Pronounced: NAY-ADS Good fresh water spirits who lived

in rivers and lakes. Nereids: Pronounced: NEER-EE-IDS Good female spirits who lived in bodies of salt water (seas and oceans). Monsters Character Analysis Echidna:

Charon: Female dragon. Part woman, part snake. She is the wife of Typhon and the mother of many of mythologys most famous monsters. Pronounced: CARE-ON Ferryman of the dead; carried them over the River Styx to the Underworld.

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