Au'15 select topics

Au'15 select topics

Sp16 select topics By: Matt Boggus List o stuff Game genres/concepts First person shooter 3D action, puzzles, and exploration Role playing game systems Economy systems Game technology topics

Procedural content Data analytics Lighting ; Illumination Smart cameras Weather effects ; Shaders Destructible environments ; Voxels Physics Player AI (rpgs ; strategy) Character animation Networking 3D sound ; Procedural music

Over-arching challenges Art assets Free packages on Unity Store Purchase requests Character animation State logic for models with prebuilt poses HUD elements User input See InControl on box for controller handling library

Character animation example HUDs User Interfaces in Unity links http:// Game genres

First person shooter Examples: Au15 - Grunk's Arena Sp15 - Supa Cool Sp14 Team Rocket Common technical elements and challenges Collision detection (object intersection, raycasting) Physics (choosing movement speed(s), interactive objects) Level design and balancing If extra large levels are desired, level of detail techniques

Scripting weapons Input remapping and sensitivity levels Enemy AI discrete logic for tactics, difficulty/skill Networking (try uNet) First person shooter links Quake post mortem 1997

Unreal Tournament 3 post mortem 2008 Secrets of the Sages: Level Design The Visual Guide to Multiplayer Level Design 3D action, puzzles, and exploration Examples: Sp15 Tree Huggers (open world survival and exploration) Sp14 Squirvival (open world action) Sp13 Luximation (set piece puzzles) Common technical elements and challenges Wider variety of character animation required if they interact with

objects Environment design Puzzle design Player and camera controls Player and object physics 3D action, puzzles, and exploration links 3D action, puzzles, and exploration links Okamiden post mortem 2011 Procedural generation of Sokoban puzzles What Legend of Zelda Can Teach Us about Dungeon Design

Video: Designing puzzles that make players feel smart Video: Game Maker's Toolkit - Super Mario 3D World's 4 Step Level Design RPG, trading, and economy systems Examples: Au14 Project Mayhem (Diablo-like rpg) Sp14 Team.GreatName (Outerspace real time strategy) Sp13 DriPSaP (Fantasy turn based strategy) Common technical elements and challenges Numeric systems Design for stability, variety, realism, or ?

Progression systems Leveling, technology/skill trees, etc. Limited computational time for real-time games (or player patience for turnbased) Creation of environments and resources RPG, trading, and economy links Developing AI in Darwinia Revisiting the Design of Civ 5 Oiligarchy Postmortem Designing AI Algorithms For Turn-Based Strategy Games

Additional miscellaneous links http:// mortems_every_developer_should_read.php Game technology topics

Procedural content Procedural Made automatically (or semi-automatically) instead of entirely by an artist Content

Textures Models (terrain, plants, cities, buildings, ) Level / maps Distribution of clutter/objects (generation of random samples) Sound effects and music Gameplay mechanics and balancing SP 2015 research course at OSU Procedural Content Generation Wiki Procedural Content Generation in Games eBook

Data analytics ; Automated game evaluation Locating or creating datasets for analysis Sales, reviews, marketing, classification (by genre, development team, etc.) Use cases evaluate fun (challenge, fantasy, curiosity, ) of Environments, levels, gameplay mechanics,

Finding bottlenecks common in game development projects Game AI Turing Test Patterns in game design and development Methods and terminology of playtesting Unity Services ( ) Lighting ; Illumination Common practices, problems, and limitations of illumination in games Study on the performance limitations of Unitys lighting

implementation Tutorial on Unitys lighting features Alternative real-time illumination techniques Global illumination algorithms Smart cameras Automatically avoiding occlusion Spatial agents Unity animation curves http://

Intelligent camera control for graphical environments http:// Narrative-driven camera control for cinematic replay of computer games http:// Weather effects ; Shaders Real-time rendering concepts and the graphics pipeline Example implementations of common rendering effects Example implementations of common weather effects

Rain, snow, sleet, etc. Day/night cycle Clouds Natural disasters Tutorial on using and modifying pre-made shaders writing your own shaders Destructible environments ; Voxels

Case studies of commercial games Deformable heightfields Fracturing meshes Techniques to manage performance of instantiation and destruction of objects during runtime Constructive solid geometry for interaction with voxels

Constructing geometry from voxel data cubes or mesh Level of detail for dealing with large resolutions Physics Unsuitable Rigid body dynamics Suitable Specific use cases / case studies from commercial games Cloth, object destruction or deformation, ragdolls, cartoon physics, fluids

History and evaluation of the use of physics in games Tutorial on a specific physics engine (Unity v5.0 uses Nvidia's PhysX v3.3) AI Unsuitable Point A to point B pathfinding (ex: A*) State machines Search algorithms Suitable

Use cases / genre specific AI / case studies from commercial games Fuzzy logic Advanced pathfinding (dynamic environments, multiple goals or agents) Machine learning / changing behavior during run-time Emulating human game playing behavior Character animation

Tutorial on Unitys Mecanim system Ragdoll animation Blending Motion graphs Using real-time motion capture data

Networking Common practices and problems in networking for games Latency Cheating Streaming Massively multiplayer games (can include a look at parallel programming)

Tutorial on specific networking libraries or primitive objects for implementing your own 3D sound ; Procedural music Procedurally creating sound and music Evaluating or classifying songs automatically Composing or sequencing tracks during run-time Tutorial on specific 3D sound software libraries

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