Babylonia and Assyria - Oxford School District

Babylonia and Assyria - Oxford School District

Babylonia and Assyria Coach Parrish Chapter 2, Section 2 OMS The Two Empires of Mesopotamia You go and carry off the enemys land; the enemy comes and carries off your land

This quote was the theme of ancient Mesopotamia. It was a period in which one ruler after the next came to power only to be conquered. The Two Empires of Mesopotamia 1.

2. The largest and most important Mesopotamian civilizations were: Babylonia Assyria Empire area of many territories and peoples

that is controlled by one government. Babylon capital city of Babylonia. Babylonian and Assyrian Similarities Two things that Babylonia and Assyria had in common were: 1. They were both vicious warrior empires. 2. Once they conquered an area, they used

the riches they gained to build grand cities where learning was valued. Map of Ancient Mesopotamia: Babylonia and Assyria Babylonian Empire

1. 2. Babylonian king named Hammurabi created Babylonia by uniting the city-states of Sumer.

Trade was increased by a network of roads that were built throughout the empire. Caravans groups of travelers. They stopped in Babylon on their way between Assyria and Sumer. Bazaars markets where trade occurred. A bazaar today!

Wealth Through Conquest When a king conquered a land, he gained all of the wealth associated with that land. Hammurabi conquered the city of Mari in 1760 BC and seized their chariots, weapons, and tools. Hammurabi

Assyrian Empire Assyria was located in northern Mesopotamia along the Tigris River. It was located in open land which was an easy target for enemies. Since the Assyrians were always defending themselves, they became

excellent warriors. Assyrias Contributions 1. 2. 3. Battering Ram powerful weapon having a

wooden beam mounted on wheels. Battering ram, sling shots, and archers were used by the Assyrians to conquer their enemies. Capital of Assyria, Nineveh, was a city of great learning. Nineveh library contained thousands of clay tablets from Babylon and Sumer. Battering Ram

Assyria Overthrown The Assyrians were eventually overthrown by the combined efforts of the Medes and the Chaldeans in the year 612 BC. Babylonia Rises Again

Under the Chaldeans, Babylon rose again to even greater splendor. It became the New Babylonian Empire. King Nebuchadnezzar II rebuilt the city of

Babylon, putting up huge walls for protection. Neb II also built a royal palace that was 350 feet tall. On top of the palace hung huge gardens. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon became one of the ancient wonders of the world. King Nebuchadnezzar II

Advances in Learning Under the rule of the Chaldeans, the New Babylonian Empire (NBE) became a center for learning and science. Chaldean astronomers charted the paths of stars and measured the length of a year. In 539 BC, the NBE was conquered by the

Persians but the capital city of Babylon was spared.

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