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Why did the MEF create Carrier Ethernet B&B Academy David Zaveski [email protected] Polling Question Jump into the way back machine!

Historically Speaking (not at the very beginning but close) Novell IPX/Ethernet To the internet

v.35 56k modem IPX/IP Gateway Email server Historically Speaking (not at the very beginning but close) Small text only emails

56k was really all that was needed Possible some small files upload and downloaded via FTP or Bulletin Board systems Remember Wildcat BBS? Historically Speaking T1 or E1 V.35

(Middle ages) Historically Speaking (Middle ages) Web browsing! yeah Still relatively small files The beginning of downloading larger files

Music Software Browser wars Historically Speaking T1 or E1 DS3 or E3 DSL/Cable

(Middle ages/today) Historically Speaking Large file downloads Movies Streaming! Movies Music

Social Media Facebook LinkedIn (Middle ages/today) More Bandwidth Please About Ethernet Designed for LAN communications.

Simple no guarantee of delivery of data Easy to implement Everyone (manufacturers) makes Ethernet devices Cheap!!!! Dominant LAN protocol everywhere About Ethernet (cont.) Hardware for Ethernet Twisted pair (copper) limited to 300 feet (100m). Has been around for years and is everywhere.

About Ethernet (cont.) Hardware for Ethernet Fiber Optic Limited to around 60 miles (100km). Initially used only for connections between large Telco exchanges. Eventually installed in every open trench. Started out as expensive per foot but is below the price of copper in some cases today.

Fiber optics is the Game Changer Why is Fiber the game changer? Ethernet was limited to 300 feet over copper, T1s could be extended much further over copper. Fiber provides more bandwidth than copper. Copper (Cu) is getting very expensive, fiber is getting more economical. Copper lines can erode but Fiber last longer, better investment over time.

Ethernet for Service Providers Eureka! Ethernet over fiber can be used to deliver greater bandwidth for lower cost then traditional Telco Services T1/E1 T3/DS3 The Wild Wild West Some service providers used managed media

converters to deliver Ethernet over fiber. Bandwidth limiting but little else. No real accountability. Could not guarantee complex SLAs. Could not guarantee consistency when more than one carrier is involved in delivering the service. These issue were resolved in the older Telco circuits and also part of the reason for their high cost.

Cost? Why are traditional Telco services so expensive? Voice technology used for data Voice tech requires timely delivery of information. Accountability and manageability SLA (Service Level Agreements). Dedicated Circuit vs Packet routing

Bandwidth through the carriers network. Quick word about Packet switching The Birth of MEF and Carrier Ethernet Service providers wanted a standard that would guarantee: They could meet SLAs Consistency when circuits crossed multiple Carriers networks

Manufacturers wanted a standard that would guarantee: That they were investing time and money in a product that would meet the needs of the Carrier They could sell there equipment to a variety of Carriers Carriers wanted: A choice of hardware manufacturers Interoperability between manufacturers equipment Carrier Ethernet over ??

Fiber yes fiber has played a big role but MEF Carrier Ethernet is not confined to one media. MEF Carrier Ethernet Five core attributes of Carrier Ethernet Attribute 1: Standardized Services E-Line, E-LAN provide transparent, private line, virtual private line and multi-point to multi-point LAN services.

A common service providing globally & locally via standardized equipment Requires no changes to customer LAN equipment or networks and accommodates existing network connectivity such as, timesensitive, TDM traffic and signaling Ideally suited to converged voice, video & data networks Wide choice and granularity of bandwidth and quality of service options Attribute 2: Scalability The ability for millions to use a network service that is

ideal for the widest variety of business, information, communications and entertainment applications with voice, video and data Spans Access & Metro to National & Global Services over a wide variety of physical infrastructures implemented by a wide range of Service Providers Scalability of bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10Gbps and beyond, in granular increments Attribute 3: Reliability

The ability for the network to detect & recover from incidents without impacting users Meeting the most demanding quality and availability requirements Rapid recovery time when problems do occur, as low as 50ms Attribute 4: Quality of Service Wide choice and granularity of bandwidth and quality of service options

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that deliver end-to-end performance matching the requirements for voice, video and data over converged business and residential networks Provisioning via SLAs that provide end-to-end performance based on CIR, frame loss, delay and delay variation characteristics Attribute 5: Service Management The ability to monitor, diagnose and centrally

manage the network, using standards-based vendor independent implementations Carrier-class OAM Rapid service provisioning 10,000 ft. view of the most basic structure EVCs, NIDs an UNIs oh my Lots of acronyms in the MEF documents EVC = Ethernet Virtual Circuit NID = Network Interface Device

ENNI = External Network to Network Interface UNI = User Network Interface EVC1 EVC2 EVC3 NID Operator 1

(Service Provider) UNI ENNI Operator 2 NID

(Access Provider) UNI MEF Carrier Ethernet A deeper look at performance monitoring The Future and Today 100mbps;1 Gig; 10 Gig

Carrier Ethernet Over Fiber Out Sourced services: File storage Email server Firewall

Ethernet Polling Question-redux Questions 1)Carrier Ethernet is just a fancy marketing term for Ethernet used by carriers. Yes/No? 2)The Carrier Ethernet standard was created by a) Carriers b) Electronics Manufacturers c) Service Providers d) MEF e) all the

above 3)Carrier Ethernet has a) been around a long time and is now being phased out b) in the prime of its existence c) Only just beginning to be implemented by carriers 4)What does MEF stand for? a) Metro Ethernet Framework b) Metro Ethernet Forum c) Model Ethernet Forum 5)By the end of this presentation I should know everything about Carrier Ethernet, True or False Thank you!

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