Beginner Visioning: Meeting of The Minds

Beginner Visioning: Meeting of The Minds

If youre dreams dont scare you, theyre not big enough. ~ Pauline Rolfe David Booth, PhD Restaurants for REVOLUTIONARY SCHOOLING (OISE-University of Toronto); Barbara Smith, PhD (ZPD School & Curriculum Design) May 18, 2017

Collingwood Community Centre ZPD Talks Why do we need a revolution? ZPD Talks Planning Menus for revolutionary education Starters (your ideas) Main Courses

(Examine cases with special sauces) Desserts (toppings to add to your dream school) ZPD Talks POT LUCK STARTERS What would you want in a DREAM SCHOOL? What would you bring? 1. Draw and label an outline of your dream school? (on poster paper) 2. Put your non-negotiables inside

the walls. 3. Place the optional ideas in clouds around the outside the school. ZPD Talks Appetizers Fun Memory-making Meaningful Interaction Images What keeps you engaged? ZPD Talks

Ask Students what they like ZPD Talks Sample Menu Items

Telling oral storytelling Dramatizing a story Clapping rhythms in Math Making quilts to see fraction patterns Designing & building dwellings (i.e. bee boxes, bat houses) Coding Playing games (bridge, chess, board, card, online) Making robots, rockets, things that surprise E-pals (writing to someone who responds) Peer teaching Being active, physical education, outdoor education Model United Nations simulations

ZPD Talks Familiar Main Courses Montessori Schools Reggio Emilia Education International Baccalaureate (primary years program, middle years program, IB grade 11/12) Waldorf Education Single-gender education 21st Century Learning schools Growth Mindset Schools

ZPD Talks Fresh Catches of the Day High Tech High (STEAM school) Institute of Child Study Laboratory School (Knowledge building school) Blue School (creativity school) Kindness School (character education/service learning school) The Green School in Bali (environmental education) Coast Mountain Academy in BC (outdoor education) Red-Tailed Hawk Forest School (outdoor education) Bolles School in Florida (sports school) Duke Ellington School in DC (performing arts

ZPD Talks Recipe for Specialty Dishes Hard Work Learning from mistakes

Student, parent and teacher responses Current peer-reviewed research Action research (responsible piloting of new approaches) Have Integrity being true to brand (doing what you say you do WELL) Embrace change (cannot improve without change and risk) Employ a critical mass of exceptional teachers Build schools crawling with student, teacher & parent leaders Contribute to model schools and advancing the field of education ZPD Talks Hours of Operation & Occupancy Consider:

Time for targeted staff development Time to develop customized curriculum Time to assess staff (and students) Too many patrons (

2. Add more images and labels with ideas that you would like to see happen in the future. 3. Share your poster in a small group. 4. Create a shopping list of questions that we can talk about as a large group or respond to electronically. ZPD Talks Restaurant Reviews. Do not assume change is not worth the risk. Schooling is not about one way or direction (as Dr. Seuss north-going Zak or Southgoing Zak infer) Building a REVOLUTIONARY SCHOOL RESTAURANT is about

finding ways to make engaging ideas be a part of a constant path towards improvement. We cant stand still

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