BeLCol asbl/vzw

BeLCol asbl/vzw

BeLCol asbl/vzw Belgium-Luxembourg- Colombia CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Non profit organization Colombia in Luxembourg 24th April 2015 Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg Main topics Colombia Bilateral Trade Free Trade Agreement Europe - Colombia

A new bilateral Chamber of Commerce Cooperation network WHY BeLCol? A missing platform to strengthen the ties between the Belgian, Luxemburguese and Colombian business communities. An opportunity to create a local body to promote investments, commercial exchange and project development to foster economic development in Colombia. The recent Free Trade Agreement that came into force in August 2013. Colombia:

Economical and Political stability, foreign investment confidence. Big and young population, and qualified and competitive human resources. Industrialization of the Colombian economy. Strategic geographical location, an export platform with access to global markets. Recognition of European quality standards Growing goods consumer culture Short term needs Financial support to BeLCol's operation by the Federal and Regional entities

A Board of Directors has been elected end of 2014 Web page development Direction, business support Campaign to recruit new members in BeLux A new bilateral Chamber of Commerce Mission and vision: A non profit organization, officially registered end August 2013. Like a complementary body to facilitate and optimize the development of bilateral relationships. Building progressively a broad network of contacts to establish

a collective support and a cooperative perspective to the bilateral relationships; accumulating experiences to offer advantages to the members. Objective: To contribute to both the promotion and growth of commercial relations and investments, and support projects with the aim of strengthening strategic links between BEL, LUX and COL. Information centralisation and disclosure (bilateral relationships, statistics and key data about the countries and its markets, as well as business and cooperation opportunities, fairs and events, etc) promoting bilateral exchanges. Collaboration agreements with governmental authorities and

agencies promoting foreign trade, investment and tourism, such as Procolombia and local Chambers of Commerce. Communication facilitation between them and the members, as well as development and support to missions. Enterprises/Institutional/Academical directory, as well as professionals network, of affiliates to facilitate contacts and business agendas. Support and assistance to enterprises and organizations (specially SMEs) interested in the other market for the promotion and business solidification and experiences exchange. Promotion and support to the establishment of enterprises in Colombia, as a gateway to the Americas, and enterprises in

Belgium and Luxembourg, as a gateway to Europe. CAAC BeLCol Founding members Wouter Florizoone Master in environmental engineering. Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, University College of Gent. Projects and business development: Flanders Smart Hub, VOKA, Flemish government, Abcdario. Languages: NLENG-ESP-FR

Benot Desirotte Master in Economics, European studies and International tax. ULB - SOLVAY - ICHEC Ecole Suprieure de Sciences Fiscales. Manager in Transfer Pricing: Ernst & Young Mexico and Belgium, DWVA. Languages: FR-ENG-ESP-NL Paola Murcia. Master of Science, International Relations and Business. U. Nal de Costa Rica, VUB Policy adviser, Logistics coordinator. Dole, FIATA, CLECAT. Languages: ESP-ENG-NL-FR Luca Mora Economist. Professional in Finances and International Trade. Master in Finances. U. del Rosario, U. Nal Autnoma de Mxico UNAM, ICHEC Enterprises - Brussels Management School.

Financial Analyst: Bancafe - Davivienda, AIESEC en Colombia, DHL European HQ, BNP Paribas Fortis. Languages: ESP-ENG-FR Team: + Jorge Nova, Jorge Bernal, Andres Franco. 2015s Board of Directors Daniel H. JORDAN President TBC Vice President Johan Dexters Treasurer Paola Murcia Secretary

BeLCol asbl Belgium-Luxembourg - Colombia CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Non profit organisation [email protected] +32 473 784882 Thank you for your attention.

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