Bell Ringer -

Bell Ringer -

Bell Ringer Give at least one important characteristic of each of the four main layers of Earth. 1. 2. 3. 4. Earths Interior

Earths interior is made up of several distinct compositional layers. Crust

Coolest Layer Hard, solid rock 1% of Earths mass Thin Continental crust is thicker and less dense than oceanic crust. Mantle

Lies beneath the crust More dense than crust 80% of Earths volume Magnesium, silicon,

iron, and oxygen Core Iron and nickel 2 Layers Outer Core- liquid metal Inner Core- solid metal Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT

One reason why scientists think the interior is so hot is because of radioactivity. Radioactive isotopes in Earths core decay and release energy in the form of heat. Plate Tectonics Alfred Wegener hypothesized that all of the continents might have been part of one

landmass in the past before they drifted apart. He pieced the continents together to form a super continent called Pangaea. Alfred Wegener

Use your laptops to research Alfred Wegener. Where is he from? When did he live? Where did he attend school? What was his career?

What did he propose? What was his evidence?

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