Benefits of control-plane disaggregation with RIC and ... - .wiki

Benefits of control-plane disaggregation with RIC and ... - .wiki

O-RAN SC Release A requirements 2019-06-18 Rittwik Jana, David Kinsey, John Jensen, Matti Hiltunen AT&T Confidential 1 O-RAN: Open RAN Alliance 80+ companies: major operators, vendors, startups New end-to-end architecture for 5G Disaggregation to accelerate innovation Infrastructure Cloudification RIC is key architectural element Robust ecosystem through standardized interfaces Standardize A1, E2, O1, fronthaul, X2, F1, E1, cloud interfaces Unified, Operator Driven Standards Approach Influence and Drive 3GPP Standards O-RAN-SC: Open source community Confidential 2 O-RAN SC Presentation by Hank Kafka O-RAN SC, Confidential 3 O-RAN Software Community (O-RAN SC) structure 4 under Linux Foundation (LF) sponsored by O-RAN Alliance to develop open source software to realize O-RAN components and systems The O-RAN SC Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) will be responsible for all technical oversight of the open source project 2018 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, Globe logo, Mobilizing Your World and DIRECTV are registered trademarks and service marks of AT&T

Intellectual Property and/ or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Confidential 4 ORAN-SC and O-RAN workflow Request to resolve standard/OSC variance in cases where code diverges from spec S/W committee selects requests from WG1 based on available resources and timelines TOC S/W subcommittee Recommended spec/design features for inclusion in particular release WG1 - Release planning OSC Pre-standards development and code contributions Test specs TIFG TOC prioritizes and negotiates with O-RAN on behalf of OSC AAL O-DU O-CU xApps RIC Sim Design/ spec

O-RAN OS Wiki Use Contribute - Define O-RAN end-to-end priority use case Select/recommend features from each WG to be included in a particular use case Coordinate between WGs to ensure required specs are available by certain date CU, DU, RU WG 7,8 WG 5,6 O-RAN WG software RIC, OFH releases to O-RAN for WG 3,4 testing end-to-end use cases WG 1,2 VIM, NMS O-RAN Specs/ Architecture/ Reference design ORAN Engage other open source communities WG contributions from O-RAN members (non OSC) Confidential 5 O-RAN SC Timeline 15-Jun 17-Jun

24-Jun 1-Jul 8-Jul 15-Jul 22-Jul 29-Jul 5-Aug 12-Aug 19-Aug 26-Aug 2-Sep 9-Sep 16-Sep 23-Sep 30-Sep 7-Oct 14-Oct 21-Oct 28-Oct 4-Nov 11-Nov 18-Nov 25-Nov 22-Jun 29-Jun 6-Jul 13-Jul 20-Jul 27-Jul 3-Aug 10-Aug 17-Aug 24-Aug 31-Aug 7-Sep 14-Sep 21-Sep 28-Sep 5-Oct 12-Oct 19-Oct 26-Oct 2-Nov 9-Nov 16-Nov 23-Nov 30-Nov

Test Documentation Epics Identified User Stories/Tasks Identified & Reviewed Map Epics and User St/Tasks Sub tasks Identified & Rev'd Sprint Grooming Sprint 1 Demo 7/30 Sprint 2 Demo 8/20 Sprint 3 Demo 9/10 Sprint 4 Demo 10/1 "A" Release Prelim inary Docum entatio n 10-Jun Week 23 Week 24 M1: 06/17 Week 25 Week 26 Week 27 M2: 07/08 Week 28 Week 29 Week 30 Week 31 Week 32 M3: 08/12 Week 33 Week 34 Week 35 Week 36 Week 37 Week 38 Week 39 M4: 09/30 Week 40 Week 41 Week 42 RC0: 10/21

Week 43 Week 44 RC1: 11/04 Week 45 Release C: 11/13 Week 46 Demo Milestones MO 5/20: Kick offreview M1 06/17: Planning Review M2 07/08: Functionality Freeze & Boreas Main Release 7/10 M3 08/12: API Freeze M4 09/30: Code Freeze Final Doc Week 22 Sprint Test Planning Release IST IST IST IST & Preparatio n Prep Sprint 4 Sprint 3 Sprint 2 Sprint 1 of Test Cases Fri 8-Jun Sprint Planning and Design Mon 3-Jun ETE Dev Dev Dev

Dev 1,2,3 Sprint 4 Sprint 3 Sprint 2 Sprint 1 Week Week 21 ETE 4 Milestones M0: 5/20 RC0 10/21: Integration Review RC1 11/04: Sign OffReview Release 11/13 Confidential 6 Release A objectives Demonstrate a working reference implementation of a full end-to-end O-RAN stack. o Non-RT RIC (e.g., ONAP) implementing a basic A1 interface, metrics collection infrastructure o Near-RT RIC framework implementing Application/microservices framework to host multiple xApps (e.g., AdmissionControl, Reporting, UE manager) A policy driven low latency messaging layer with its management component (Routing Manager) Subscription Manager for managing subscription through the E2 interface A1 mediator to relay basic policies from ONAP to RIC R-NIB database to store RAN state information E2 Termination agent to interface with O-CU E2 manager to write E2 data into the R-NIB o OA&M Control the RIC and xApps, Dashboard/portal to display FM and PM counters/KPIs from RIC o Infrastructure - A virtualization layer based on COTS platform (e.g., Akraino) o Simulator - A basic E2 interface agent via open source simulator (gNb side) o O-CU implementation of an integrated eNB o O-DU implementing L1 functional blocks L2 functional blocks o OFH - Open Front Haul implementation Confidential 7 Projects Project Name

Project Key PTL Non-realtime RAN Intelligent Controller RICNRT E/// RAN Intelligent Controller Applications RICAPP AT&T RAN Intelligent Controller Seed Code Repos Project Name Project Key PTL O-RAN Distributed Unit ODU Radisys O-RAN RU ORU Out of scope for Rel A Thoralf, Nokia com/asn1 com/golog

Operations Administration Management Apparatus OAM portal/ric-dashboard com/log ric-plt/a1 ric-plt/appmgr Simulation SIM AT&T (AT&T RAN side E2 simulator) Infrastructure INF Lenovo aal/lib (Intel L1 contribution) (Radisys L2 contribution) ric-app/admission Commscope? ric-app/reporter RIC Seed Code Repos ric-plt/dbaas ric-plt/dbaas/hiredis-vip ric-plt/e2 ric-plt/e2mgr aal/logic

ric-plt/lib/rmr aal/mgmt ric-plt/rtmgr aal/virt ric-plt/sdl (Inspur infra monitoring contribution) ric-plt/sdl/config ric-plt/sdlgo Akraino/blueprint ric-plt/sdlpy ric-plt/submgr ric-plt/utils Integration and Testing INT AT&T it/dep it/dev ric-plt/xapp-frame it/test OTF O-RAN Central Unit OCU CMCC (China Mobile integrated eNB contribution) Documentation

Confidential DOC doc 8 Epics Near-RT RIC - ~37 Epics RIC xApps 15 Epics Non-RT RIC - 5 Epics OA&M, Dashboard portal 5 Epics Infrastructure 3 Epics Title Description Acceptance Criteria Source [RIC-A-F01] RIC Connects to gNodeB [RICPLT-R1-F1] RIC shall control gNB using E2 interface RIC successfully subscribes to gNodeB over E2. RIC Co-Create R1 (Nokia) Title Description [INT-A-F001] Robot Framework Deployment Instructions As an OSC Tester I need to be able to simulate O-RAN interface users in order to exercise software submitted to an O -RAN SC repository such that the submitted software can be tested before acceptance into the main code branch. Robot Script is used to exercise an O-RAN element or interface. OSC A (AT&T) Simulator 2 Epics Integration and testing 9 Epics Interface compliance testing 3 Epics Acceptance Criteria Source Use case testing 2 Epics Title O-CU

Description O-DU O-RU Acceptance Criteria Epics will be added to JIRA soon Source Confidential [RICNRT-A-F10] Enable the RPGF to send policy guidance to the xApp via the A1 interface As a Service Management and Orchestrator I need to be able to determine appropriate policy guidance set of values that needs to be applied to a given instance of an xApp, and to send these values via the A1 interface in order to update the policies in use by that xApp. Acceptance criteria is to demonstrate an ability to generate policy guidance values, send these over the A1 interface to a target set of xApps, have these xApps make changes accordingly to the values, and observe behavior by the xApps consistent with the sent policy guidance OSC B (TBD) 9 Portal, Non RT RIC and Near RT RIC Confidential 10 A1 Mediator Dashboard A1 Mediator provides a simple (pre-standard) interface for communicating policy guidance to xApps. Policy/intent (REST/JSON) Response (REST/ JSON) REST A1 Mediator App PaaS Policy/intent (RMR/JSON)

Response (RMR/JSON) It translates translates an intent to the matching RMR message type and RMR will route the message to all the xApps that implement that particular intent. Intent: name + JSON schema for payload. Note: A1 Mediator decouple the xApps from the A1 interface protocol details (REST in our case) and an xApp only needs to talk RMR to process the E2 messages in real time control loops and receive policy guidance. App PaaS Admission Control xApp Confidential 11 xApps in RIC Sample xApp Measurement analyzer xApp that computes KPIs from RNIB data (e.g., number of attached UEs) and provides them to a dashboard in the non-RT RIC Sample xApp UE Manager xApp to subscribe for E2 messages and read these E2 messages to extract information from specific information elements (IEs). The information shall be stored into the near-RT RIC database (RNIB). The RNIB reflects the most recent RAN information state. Sample xApp - AdmissionControl xApp - The admission control xApps role will be to control the rate of admission of secondary NR bearers based on a specific criteria. This can be initially a very simple windowing algorithm based on rate of requests. In future, will be expanded to other overload/security scenarios. The admission control xAPP will subscribe to SgNB addition requests and make binary decisions (accept/reject) for each request. It will function in both report mode (where it simply logs decisions made) and also in control mode (for simulators) where it will send back a Request Ack or Reject message. The Admission control xApp will also have an interface to A1 (via the A1mediator) to accept policies which change the windowing parameters All xApps are configured and deployed via xApp Manager. Some xApps take policy guidance via A1 interface.

Confidential 12 Admission Control xApp description Confidential 13 Measurement Analyzer xApp description Dashboard DC metrics (VES event) Measurement Analyzer (MC) xApp utilizes information in the R-NIB to generate and report a number of metrics related to using dual connection in 5G. Examples of metrics: Number of connects/disconnect Duration of DC connections. DC connections/UE Measurement Analyzer xApp App PaaS Subscibe to UE-NIB related notifications DC added/removed for a UE R-NIB Confidential 14 UE Manager xApp description R-NIB Update RNIB/UE-NIB UE Manager xApp App PaaS

Subscibe to X2 messages related to DC UE Manager xApp subscribes (via E2) to X2 messages related to DC connection/disconnection and updates the RNIB/UE-NIB. Examples of updates: DC established for UE at a GNB DC terminated for UE at GNB RIC INDICATION (X2 message) gNB Confidential 15 E2/X2 Simulator RAN X2AP/E2AP Message Generator Extension (load generator, NS3, etc.) X2AP/E2AP Message Handlers ASN1 Codec SCTP Near-RT RIC E2/X2 E2 Termination E2/X2Agent X2 Agent implements X2AP for LTE eNB E2 Agent implements E2AP for 5G gNB Initiated by Elementary Procedure RIC

RIC Subscription (r1) RIC RIC Subscription delete (r1) E2 Reset (r1) E2 Setup (r1) RIC or RAN RIC RIC Resource Status Reporting Initiation (r2) Initiating Message Successful Outcome Unsuccessful Outcome Response message Response message RIC SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST (r1) RIC SUBSCRIPTION DELETE REQUEST (r1) RIC SUBSCRIPTION RESPONSE (r1) RIC SUBSCRIPTION DELETE RESPONSE (r1) RIC SUBSCRIPTION FAILURE(>r2) RIC SUBSCRIPTION DELETE FAILURE(>r2) [EN-DC]/- X2 SETUP REQUEST [EN-DC]/RESPONSE RESOURCE RESPONSE

SETUP [EN-DC]/- X2 SETUP FAILURE STATUS RESOURCE STATUS FAILURE RESOURCE STATUS REQUEST X2 Confidential 16 Open Testing Framework, OTF Confidential 17 Next steps o Steps we have planned for in the timeline, e.g. Input epics into JIRA PTL to add user stories Groom tasks into specific release A selection o What were asking the O-RAN WG members to do for us Review & comment on requirements doc Invite to participate in OSC effort via meeting attendance Sign up to contribute source code, test cases, documentation, etc. Confidential 18 Automation Control Loops in the RAN Training Cache Service Management and Orchestration Fraemwork (ONAP) 3rd Party Apps at the edge APIs

Design Inventory Policy Configuration Non-realtime RIC A1 5G RAN Near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Application Layer 3rd Party App Radio Connection Mgt. Mobility Mgt. QoS Mgt. Interference Mgt. Trained Model Loop 1: per msec radio scheduling Data Distribution Bus API Radio Network Information Base Data from eNB E2 Distributed Unit Radio F1 Centralized Unit Control plane E1 Loop 3: > 0.5 sec (policies, orchestration, SON) Centralized Unit

Data plane E2 Radio Virtualization Layer with off-the-shelf open hardware platform Loop 2: 10 500 msecs (area resource optimization) 4G RAN eNB Cell Sites Edge Cloud Confidential Central Cloud Plug-in/ Mediator Benefits of control-plane disaggregation with RIC and ONAP Direct introduction of ONAP to the edge allowing E2E coverage Orchestration and optimization framework with dynamic policies Greater optimization benefits from centralized approach Better/larger network view, more centralized/holistic optimization solutions Vendor-agnostic solutions to provide consistent network benefits and user experience Current approach involves vendor specific solutions with widely different behaviors. Data enrichment via external data sources Use external data for better ML/AI algorithms that is not normally available within RAN domain (e.g. UE location, service type, mobility characteristics, etc.) Support new services and faster time to market Select best of breed solutions, easily insert AT&T secret sauce, faster dev time to support new features and services. 20 Confidential Example Dual Connectivity management using RIC UE

eNB gNB RAN Intelligent Controller Core RIC Platform xAPP Dualco configuration PUT(DC_Policies) Publish (ONAP DC_Policies) Convert DC_Policies (E2) Subscription(Event=SgNB Addition request) Action = INSERT(SgNB Addition Request message)) 1: Dualco measurement process 2: Dualco request and setup SgNB Addition Request Detect Dualco Request 5G gNodeB contacts RIC whenever it gets a new session establishment request RIC uses policy guidance to accept/reject this request in near-realtime and determines traffic split between primary and secondary cells (E2) INSERT (SgNB Addition Request) Dualco Admit Policy (E2) CONTROL (SgNB Addition request) UE admission RAN UP selection SgNB Addition Req. Ack 3: Dualco establishment Confidential ONAP Containerized micro-services based software design RIC Dashboard ONAP-based Portal VES streaming data collector

Akraino GUI DMaap Portal RIC O1/A1 O1 Routing Manager App PaaS VES agent (Monitoring) App PaaS Admission Control App App PaaS Fast path (ctrl loop) NNG/nanomsg DBaaS Redis Resource/Latency Manager Msmt Analyzer App App PaaS UE manager Xapp App PaaS App Manager App PaaS A1 mediator App PaaS App repo

Future: Persistent path (metrics, logs) Kafka Logical event bus App PaaS App PaaS App PaaS E2 Termination ASN.1 over SCTP E2 Manager UE Manager Kubernetes cluster management: Akraino Radio Edge Cloud (REC) blueprint 5 server micro-cluster E2 X2 PoC Labs - ATL E2 Agent CU DU LTE eNB PCMD EM S 5G gNB 22 22 Confidential

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