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Bible Covenants - Saint Mary's Press

Bible Covenants The Church Course Document # TX001505 What Is a Covenant? A solemn agreement between human beings or between God and a human being in which mutual commitments

are made. Image in public domain A Covenant with God? The concept of a covenant between God and his People is one of the most central themes of the Bible. In the biblical sense, a covenant implies much more than a contract or a simple agreement between two parties. A Promise Is a Promise

The word for covenant in the Old Testament gives new meaning to this idea. It comes from a Hebrew root word that means to cut. This explains the strange custom of two people passing through the cut bodies of slain animals after making an agreement. Such a ceremony always accompanied the making of a covenant in the Old Testament. Im

in age pub om lic d ain Blessings and . . . A covenant often promises specific

benefits, rewards, or blessings for people who keep the terms of the agreement. But they also threaten sanctions, punishments, or curses for people who break the terms of the contract. Conditional Covenant Image in public domain With a conditional covenant, the terms of

the covenant depend on the one receiving the covenant, not on the one granting it. The receiver must meet certain obligations or conditions of the covenant before the giver of the covenant is obligated to fulfill what was promised. Unconditional Covenant Image in public domain With an unconditional covenant, fulfillment

for what is promised depends solely upon the authority and integrity of the one making the covenant. It is a promise with no if attached to it. Covenants in the Bible Five Major Covenants in the Old Testament The first two apply to all human beings. The next three apply specifically to the Jews, the Children of Abraham. Old Testament Covenants

What Are the Five Covenants in the Old Testament? Adam and Eve Noah and his family Abraham and his descendants Moses and the Israelites David and the Kingdom Adam and Eve In the Garden of Eden, although the word covenant is not used, divine promises are made. These two

covenants are unconditional. Image in public domain The Edenic Covenant (Innocence) This outlined mans responsibility toward creation and Gods directive regarding the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The Adamic Covenant (Grace) This included the curses pronounced against mankind for the sin of Adam and Eve, as well as Gods provision for that sin. Image in public domain

Noah and His Family This was an unconditional Covenant between God and Noah (specifically) and humanity (generally). God gave the rainbow as the sign of the Covenant, a promise that God would never again destroy all life on earth with a flood. This is a reminder that God can and will judge sin. Image in public domain

Abraham and His Descendants God promised many things to Abraham: He promised that he would make Abrahams name great. He promised that Abraham would have numerous descendants. He promised that Abraham would be the father of a

multitude of nations. Image in public domain Abraham God also made promises regarding a nation called Israel. Another promise is that the families of the world will be blessed through the line of Abraham. (This is a reference to the Messiah, who would come from this line.)

Image in public domain Abraham Is Foremost Image in public domain Gods Covenant with Abraham is absolutely unconditional! It is everlasting. It is one of the most profound in the Scriptures.

Moses and the Israelites Image in public domain The Mosaic Covenant was a conditional covenant. It brought either Gods direct blessing (if they followed his Laws) or Gods direct cursing (for disobedience). Mosaic Law

Image in public domain Part of the Covenant was the Ten Commandments, but there was also the rest of the Law, which contained more than six hundred commands roughly three hundred positive and three hundred negative. The history books of the Old Testament (JoshuaEsther) detail how Israel succeeded, or failed, at obeying the Law.

Mosaic Covenant Im ag e in pu bl ic

do m ai n The Ten Commandments are a summation of the Mosaic Law.

David and the Kingdom The Davidic Covenant amplifies the seed aspect that was detailed in the Abrahamic Covenant. God promises that Davids physical line of descent will last forever and that his kingdom will never pass away. Image in public domain

Davids House Image in public domain God will establish forever Davids house, the royal dynasty through Davids descendants. Davids son (Solomon) will build Gods house, the first Temple of Jerusalem. The sign of this covenant will be the descendants of David and the Temple itself.

Davids Throne Image in public domain Davids throne has not been in place at all times. There would come a time, however, when someone from the line of David would again sit on the throne and rule as king. This Future King: Jesus

Image in public domain The New Covenant Image in public domain The New Testament makes clear a distinction between the Covenants of the Old Testament and the Covenant of the New Testament. Saint Paul speaks of these two covenants, one originating from Mount Sinai and the other from

the Jerusalem above (Galatians 4:2426). New Covenant The death of Christ ushered in the New Covenant, under which we are justified by Gods grace and mercy. It is now possible to have the true forgiveness of sin. Jesus himself is the Mediator of this better Covenant between God and man.

Jesus sacrificial death served as the oath, which God made to us to seal this New Covenant. Image in public domain A New Agreement The New Covenant is the new agreement God has made with mankind, based on the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The concept of the New Covenant originated with the promise of Jeremiah that God would accomplish for his People what the Old Covenants had failed to do (due to humankinds sins and flaws). Image in public domain Christ as Covenant At the Last Supper, Jesus spoke of the cup,

saying, This is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed on behalf of many for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28). Image in public domain New Life through Covenant Under this New Covenant, God would write his Law on human hearts.

A Review Five major Covenants of the Old Testament: Adam and Eve Noah Abraham Moses David The New Covenant Secured by Christ Removal of sin Cleansing of the conscience

Image in public domain

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