Blank Jeopardy - PBworks

Blank Jeopardy - PBworks

Gravitational Force Magnetism Electricity

Electric Circuits Potpourii 1 pt

1 pt 1 pt 1 pt

1 pt 2 pt 2 pt

2 pt 2 pt 2 pt

3 pt 3 pt 3 pt

3 pt 3 pt 4 pt

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4 pt 5 pt 5 pt

5 pt 5 pt 5 pt

Gravitational Force Electricity

Magnetism Electric Circuits Potpourii

What is the symbol used for period? (1 Pt.)

T (1 Pt.) What is the universal law of gravitation? (the

equation) (2 Pts.) F=G(m1*m2)/r*r (2 Pts.)

Are gravitational and inertial mass the same concept? Are they the same numerical value? (3 Pts.)

Different concepts; same value (3 Pts.)

What is the law that states that the gravitational force between any two objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance

between their centers? The force is attractive and along a line connecting their centers. (4 Pt.) Newtons law of universal

gravitation (4 Pts.) Calculate the period of a satellite orbiting 300 km

away from the Earths surface if the Earths mass is 5.98X10^24 kg and radius is 6.38X10^6 m. (5 Pts.)

4.70 x 10^6 (5 Pts.) Name the rule used to predict the direction

of force on a currentcarrying wire at a right angle to a magnetic field. (1 Pt.) The Right-Hand Rule

(1 Pt.) Imagine that a current-carrying wire is perpendicular to the magnetic field of the Earth and this field runs east-west. If the direction of the current is east, in what

direction is the force on the wire? (2 Pts.) North (2 Pts.)

What is the formula for force on a wire? (3 Pts.)

F=BIlsin()) F = force B = strength of field I = current (3 Pts.)

L = length A wire that is 1/2 meter long carrying a current of 8 amps is at a right angle to a .4 Tesla magnetic field. How

strong is the force that acts on the wire? (4 Pts.) 1.6 N

(4 Pts.) What is the unit of charge and what is the charge of an electron in said units? (5 Pts.)

1.6 x 10^-19 C (5 Pts.) If you have two negative

charges near each other what do they do? (1 Pt.) repel

(1 Pt.) What is Coulombs Law? (2 Pts.)

The force between two charges is equal to Coulombs constant, times the product of the two charges, divided by the square of the distance

between them. (2 Pts.) A negative charge of -2.0X 10^-4 C and a positive

charge of 8.0X10^-4 are separated by .30 m. What is the force between the two charges? (3 Pts.)

1.6 x 10^4 N (3 Pts.) A positive charge of 3.0X10^-7 C is located in a

field of 27 N/C directed toward the south. What is the force acting on the charge? (4 Pts.) 8.1 x 10^-6 N south

(4 Pts.) A device used for storing charge is called a? (5 Pts.)

Capacitor (5 Pts.) What kind of instrument

needs to be connected in parallel with a resistor? (1 Pt.) Voltmeter

(1 Pt.) What is the equivalent resistance in this seriesparallel circuit? R1 = 1 R2 = 4

R3 = 4 R4 = 3 (2 Pts.) 6

(2 Pts.) What kind of safety device can stop current from flowing through a person? (3 Pts.)

Ground-fault interrupter (3 Pts.) Three resistors (2, 3, and

6) are connected in parallel across a 9V battery. Which resistor will be the hottest? (4 Pts.) 2 resistor

(4 Pts.) How many k is this resistor?

(5 Pts.) 100 k (5 Pts.)

In what year did the British defeat the Spanish Armada? (1 Pt.) 1588

(1 Pt.) How much money has the class of 2012 been offered in scholarship money?

(2 Pts.) $1,570,120 (2 Pts.)

What is the rhetorical term for a substitution of an epithet or phrase for a proper name? (3 Pts.)

antonomasia (3 Pts.) What is the national animal of Canada?

(4 Pts.) The Beaver (4 Pts.)

Name all of the kindergarteners. (5 Pts.) Alex, Isaac, Lily, Tristan, Emmy, Jason, Addison,

Anika, Grace, Gage, Anderson, Jasper (5 Pts.) Earth-Shattering Concepts

Ingenious American scientist originally born in the Balkans. This scientist was the first man to discover the resonance frequency of the Earth, and after more than a

century he still holds the record for the worlds longest man made lightning bolt. Pressing the bottom right music icon, will play the Jeopardy theme song Nikola Tesla

Fun Fact: After discovering the resonance frequency of the Earth, Tesla destroyed his New York Apartment with an earthquake machine of his own invention.

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