Blessed Assurance No.2 - Rose Avenue

Blessed Assurance No.2 - Rose Avenue

Welcome! As we prepare to worship God PLEASE silence your cell phones Thank You! Blessed Assurance No.2

The blessed assurance of faith Heb.10:19-23. Understanding the mystery of God in Christ revealed in the gospel one in full assurance of faith - enters the Holiest by the blood of Christ. So with Jesus as High Priest we draw near to God with a true heart.

Heb.10:22-23; 4:14-16; Jas.4:8. In full assurance means we believe, therefore we do. This should always be the rule by which we think and act. This begins with having our hearts sprinkled (purified by

faith) Acts 15:8. Bodies washed with pure water (regeneration by baptism) Tit.3:5. This is the assurance (know assuredly) early Christians had Acts 2:36-41. When convinced they obeyed Acts 2:41; 8:12-13;

11:21, etc. Fullness of faith seen in their lives Acts 6:5; 11:24; Rom.1:17; 2.Cor.5:7. Like Abrahams faith, fully assured (confident) that God would keep His promises Rom.4:20-25; 2.Tim.1:12; Gal.2:20.

We can have this same certainty of faith 1.Jn.5:1920. This is blessed assurance. The blessed assurance of hope Heb.6:9-12. Full assurance of faith leads to full assurance of hope. by doing the things that accompany salvation.

Work, labor of love (ministering) diligence, patience. If these things are lacking then salvation does not exist, or, it is in danger of being lost 1.Pet.1:5-11. If our desire for salvation is strong enough we will do

what God requires. We then have the expectation that God will fulfill His promises reserved in heaven for us Col.1:5; 1.Pet.1:3-5. This assurance of hope becomes the anchor of the soul Heb.6:18-20.

This is a blessed hope Tit.2:13; 2.Pet.3:13. The hope of eternal life Tit.1:2. The resurrection from the dead and a place in heaven 2.Cor.5:1-5; Phil.21-24. With such assurance we can easily give answer to those

who ask a reason for our hope 1.Pet.3:15; Eph.4:14.

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