Brand Strategy and Story Marketing

Brand Strategy and Story Marketing

SPECIALTY SALES: TAP INTO PROFITABLE BOOK SALES SOURCES RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE BY D AV I D W E L D AY You must be the primary driver of your marketin g efforts If your not the biggest

cheerleader for your message, dont expect someone else to be Its not about you- its about the value and benefit your message will bring to others Focus on your most likely reader. Which audience will benefit most from your message? Hone in on the segment of your audience who will rave the most. The key to creating market "buzz"

and a viral aspect to your marketing is for others to tell their friends Wo r d o f m o u t h i s s t i l l t h e k e y t o a n y great marketing campaign - unless y o u p l a n t o s p e n d a t o n o f m o n e y. Be Clear on the value propositio n for your message.

Why How Wha t Be Relentless A Great Marketing Strategy Inspiration 10% Perspiration 90% Have a Marketing

Strategy What is your over-aching approach? Is it built on the message? The Offer? An external circumstance or event? n a l P g n i t e

k Mar How will you get in front of your audience? Budge t What are you willing to spend?

Timetabl e Do you have a schedule and measurable benchmarks ? Explore all four primary sales channels Event

sales Internet sales Specialty Trade sales Sales Test and Evaluate Do more of whats working

and stop doing whats not. You cant manage what you cant measure. At least half of all books sold are sold through nonbookstore markets

Choose a title, subtitle, cover design and text fit for your audience not what you like. Solicit endorsements as soon as you have a clean manuscript. Profit Start the process before your book is released!

All your marketing and sales begins with a well crafted product. Endorsements should be from a diverse sphere of cultural influence: political, entertainment, sports, government, education, business, spiritual. Identify influence Identify the people of influence you know who have access to audiences.

Business leaders with lots of employees or affiliates Businesses with a sizable prospect and customer bases Radio stations, syndicates and programmers Television stations, networks &programmers Identify influence Denominations

Non-profit and charitable organizations Catalogers & distributors (nonbookstore) Non-bookstore retailers Fairs, Conferences, Conventions Schools: secondary, colleges & universities, seminaries Periodicals, newspapers and other print and digital media What organization s would

benefit by offering your book to their audience or market? Be clear and compelling on how your book will help Promise them. Vision Target Category

Benefit Create a wholesale pricing structure and terms that work for you and your buyer. 50-100 copies 25%-40% discount

101-500 copies 40%-50% discount 501-1000 copies 50%-60% discount 1001 or more 60%-75% discount not-returnable Consumer pays shipping Consider custom white label editions Customize the cover Foreword or Introduction from

their leader Back of book advertising Inserts Offer to do a seminar, keynote, retreat, etc Book signings or other event Consulting, training or other services that you offer Article excerpts, banner ads, eblasts or other promotions

Benefit What other value can you combine with your specialty sales offer? Tee your partners up for success- do as much of

the work for them as possible Prepare the flyer or other promotion they will use to sell or announce your book. Have your contract or agreement prepared in advance You or your publisher drive any customization that is included Provide Jpeg files of artwork they need to announce and promote your book

Be Creative PRA Y Think outside the box Go For It! Look for my newest

bookHow To Market Your Book! Order your copy direct from us: m

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