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Introduction to Bremont India and South Africa Challenges Marketing communication strategy Conclusion Bibliography About Bremont

Established in 2002 Name's genesis Company's growth British luxury watchmaker Industry award winning International growth opportunity

Bremont Watches - Quintessentially British Engineered for the modern gentlemen Endorsed by british celebrity and sporting elite Aviation and military connotations "Tested beyond endurance"

Limited edition watches Brand Prism Existing Marketing Activities

Celebrity endorsement Events sponsorship Social media > Traditional media Proactive PR activity Lifestyle connotations Selected partnership activity Awards and industry recognition Route to market Current Target Market

Men 25-45 Highly energetic Identify with masculine & adventurous lifestyle&brands Luxury purchasers Affinity with British values and brands UK Watch Market

Change in consumer perspective Fastest growing segment - mechanical watches (3%) Dominated by Zeon Ltd (8% in 2011) Impact of economic downturn US Watch Market

Recession impact Growing sector - mechanical watches (7%) Dominated by Fossil Inc (19% in 2011) 9% in next 5 years Indian Market

Increased penetration Growing segment - Quartz digital watches (24%) Watches category dominated by national players Titan Industries Ltd - 34% share High influence of luxury watches Forecast period is expected to be 12% PESTEL (India) South Africa Market

Recover from economic downturn Mechanical experiences - value growth in 2012 of 11% Most noticable performares - Lanco, Citizen, Hallmark and Timex The category is very competitive PESTEL (South Africa) SWOT

Porters Five Forces Threat of New Entrants (VERY HIGH): Entry barriers Difficulty to build a strong brand preference Investment in PR events and advertising required

Distribution Bargaining power of buyers (High): Jewellers usually are not risk takers Unknown brand

Already existing established brands in the market Bargaining power of suppliers (High): Rely on the autonomous brands (Rolex-Swatch) for supplies

British aviation supplier of relic airplane parts Threat of Substitute (High) Watch as an accessory Sense of status Practical use under extreme conditions

Objectives Provide a platform for future continental expansion Acquire 50% brand recognition from the target market Establish Bremont in target Market as a premium British luxury brand

Increase our existing international sales percentage from 15% to 50% Increase market share Challenges Globalisation Competition Global/Local changes in lifestyle/culture/

climate Market infrastructure Consumer mobility towards the brand Strategy Manufacturing => Britain Exportation Strategic alliance partners Point of Difference

Name: launch of a story / not typical English on the contrary A piece of history on your wrist: pieces of watch contain pieces of real aircrafts Family business Logo: "Tested Beyond Endurance"

Design Use of relic planes as watchs internal components Emphasis on the durability under extreme conditions Points of Parity Links with Switzerland (English origins)

Price Constant Development & improvement of the models Status Partnership Quality Existing Marketing Strategy

Introduction to MES Replicate existing MS & Innovate where appropriate Synergy & Continuity with existing MS Utilise Bremonts strengths & expertise Overview

Celebrity endorsements Events, Events sponsorship & Sports Activity Traditional Advertising, PR activity Partnership Activity Awards & Industry Events Social Network Activity The Bremont Sports Club International

Umbrella Vehicle Sports Events, Sponsorship & Endorsements Centralised content Additional content Additional Revenue Direct Marketing Opportunities Celebrity Endorsment

Identified key celebrities to acquire as brand ambassadors Use their status in society to promote Bremont & drive initial consumer interest and demand. Nationals of the country, yet synonymous with British-ness represents and shared Bremont Values India

Sir Ben Kingsley Nassir Hussain Dev Patel Rahul Dravid Mark Ramprakash Dhanraj Pallai Cross section of celebrities, engage with

a broad target market, represent the ideals and values of Bremont. South Africa Kevin Pieterson Mark Shuttleworth Retief Goosen Andrew Strauss

Brad Berritt Further SA Considerations Possible conflicts arising from a sense of nationalism reluctance to identify with British South African brand ambassadors Alternative suggestions reflecting Bremont Brand values in sporting endeavour.

Including: Mark Bertish (extreme wave surfer) Gavin Moses Adams (World street skater champion) Daryll Impey (World Top 10 road cyclist) Adrian Zaugg (South African F1 driver)

Events Strengthen Bremonts position in the new markets Gaining the positive connotations and associations from the events Associated publicity and news coverage

Utilising existing Bremont asset/synergy - Official Timekeeping activities. Relative low costs of such activity, Emerging technologies - drive consumer engagement Events Sponsorship

India: The MTB Himalaya, The Superbike World Championship Indian Leg, The Mens Junior Hockey World Cup, IPL Cricket Season as well as Iron Fist 2013/2014 SA: rugby, cricket, golf and horse racing, Quicksilver Pro Junior Surfing Championship, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup, The Sun City $1million Pigeon Race.

Traditional Advertising Prevalent in launch, and run up to key gift purchasing period Traditional Advertising < Social Media & PR India Key Titles - Time & Style, India GQ & large quality daily newspapers SA Key Titles - GQ South Africa & FHM

South Africa PR Activity Vital component Provides bedrock to framework other activity Potential Cultural differences in new markets Partnership Activity

Partnership Activity Utilising existing partnerships Benefits of new partnerships India: Gurka's; Hockey India/Cricket India, Bharat/Ishapore | SA: Cricket/Rugby Association/National Horse Racing Authority, Armscor/Truvelo/Denel, SA Air Force

Brand extensions potential Industry Awards and Events Development of International Prestige Incremental sales Supports Sales & Marketing functions Social Media

Reflective of Bremonts key marketing successes Social Media activity ties in marketing aspects Channels relevant audience to a ecommerce platform Growing audience and brand imprint at minimal cost Possibility for innovative ways of driving engagement

Additional Social Media Platforms Youtube Instagram & Pinterest Orkut and Ibibo Timeline (India) Timeline (SA)

Return on Investment Indicate the and after implementing plan total sales Measure success and interpret consumption information through web analytics and survey questionnaires. Receive industry awards and recognition.

Thank you for your attention! Bibliography Books Chernatony, L., & McDonald, M. (2003), Creating Powerful Brands. 3rd Edition

Oxford: Butterworth-Heineman. Haig,M.,(2004) Brand Royalty: How the World's Top 100 Brands Thrive and Survive London, Kogan-Page Kotler, P. & Keller, K., (2006) Marketing Management. 12th American edition. (Giorgos Michail Klimis: 2006 Athens)

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