Broadband VPNs - Outsourcing ISP Services to Cable TV and ...

Broadband VPNs - Outsourcing ISP Services to Cable TV and xDSL Providers Bruce Perlmutter Bay Networks Corporate Systems Engineering New ISP Markets Tunneling Overview IPsec IP Security, derived from IPv6

Packets can have AH (Authentication Header) and ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) AH authenticates each packet - data integrity ESP provides privacy - DES (56-bit) or Triple DES (112-bit) Tunnel mode provides private addressing and doesnt require IPsec between end nodes PPTP - Indian Outhouse PPTP

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Developed by Microsoft Uses 40 or 128-bit RC4 encryption Well integrated into Windows 95 and NT Well integrated into NT Domains 3rd party implementations available User Screen

End User Network Properties Configuring Tunnels Tunnel Attributes Solution Overview Internet Suburban Home In te rnet Services Email/Web/N ews

Custo mer Sevic es Radiu s/L DAP/Billin g Data Service Ingress Ethernet New Oak SONET/ATM/ QOS/Switching

T1 /T3 ISP A e /Son ATM T3 t/T1/ House

XDSL Suburban Home House ISP Customer Delivery T3/ATM Ethernet Inte rnet Servic es

Email/W eb/N ews Custo mer Sevic es Radiu s/L DAP/Billing Building 2 IP Route r City CATV Head End

Infr astr uctu re Management Console New Oak Internet ISP B Internet Service Providers or Enterprise Data

Networks Data Service Ingress Cable Syste m Client Provisioning Server Data Service Management Center Buildin g 1

Head End IP Infrastructure Off the Shelf Cable Modems/XDSL Plant Condos New Oak IPSEC Client Software

Win-Win-Win End Users High Speed Internet Access Service Selection Quality through Competition ISP New Subscriber base without large Infrastructure investment or management Works with all xDSL and Cable modem architectures Network Access provider New Revenue source without understanding ISP business

Standards based VPN solution with a future Simple provisioning and management requirements. Questions or Comments Contact: [email protected] for a copy of these slides or a white paper on this topic

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