Brown Bag Session - Fairfax

Brown Bag Session - Fairfax

BROWN BAG SESSION BUILDING AN EMERGENCY KIT FOR HOME & OFFICE EMERGENCY KITS Home / Car Office Important Documents HOME / CAR Adults Seniors Children Pets Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs

HOME / CAR EMERGENCY KITS (1 OF 2) Waterone gallon per person, per day (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home) Foodnon-perishable, easy-to-prepare items (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home) Flashlights; Multi-purpose tool; Extra batteries Battery-powered or hand-crank radio First aid kit HOME / CAR EMERGENCY KITS (2 OF 2) Medications (7-day supply) and required

medical items Sanitation and personal hygiene items Cell phone with chargers Family and emergency contact information Extra cash (at least $100/person) If someone in your home is dependent on electric-powered, life-sustaining equipment, remember to include backup power in your evacuation plan Important Document Folder / External Drive (electronic copies of documents) REMINDER FOR PETS

OFFICE (1 OF 2) Office Emergency kits can contain: Water, food, blankets Comfortable walking shoes (or to be outdoors, walking on debris) First Aid Kit, whistle, plastic sheet, duct tape Flashlight. Tools, multi-function toolkit or tool Hard hat, protective googles, bright colored/reflective vest, towelettes, garbage bags Clipboard, pens, pencils, paper OFFICE (2 OF 2) Each person at work should have a portable emergency supply kit

customized to meet their personal needs, such as the inclusion of essential medications. Keep copies of important work records in a waterproof, fireproof portable container, such as: Site maps, building plans Insurance policies, employee contact and identification information, bank account records, supplier and shipping contact lists, computer backups Emergency or law enforcement contact information and other priority documents Store a second set of records at an off-site location. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Following an emergency, having your personal documents and contact information easily available can make your recovery quicker and less stressful Try to have originals; or have pertinent information of where the documents

came from (e.g. which courthouse, which County, City, State, etc.) Grab & Go Files in a Binder OR External Drive (e.g. thumb drive or hard drive) Home / Life Professional / Business Insurance Vehicles Pets EMERGENCY GRAB & GO FILES (1 OF 4) Prove the identity of all household members in a post-disaster situation Life documents: birth certificates, social security cards, passports, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas / degrees, school records and/or transcripts for all family members; divorce decrees, child support alimony / palimony / child support paperwork Drivers License or official State ID; picture of self/family; finger prints

Advanced Medical Directors / Power of Attorney / Living Wills / Wills Religious certificates (e.g. Baptismal Records) Personal Contacts: Maintain or re-establish contact with your family or other members of your household Professional / Business Contacts: Maintain contact with your employer or the employers of others in your household EMERGENCY GRAB & GO FILES (2 OF 4) Housing payments; other financial obligations (e.g. utility bills, credit card accounts) Copies of credit cards front and back Deeds and Titles; home improvement documentation and proof; rental agreements Repair companies and Points of Contact Utility Company Information (e.g. emergency contact, online access info) Estate planning documentation Medical

Immunization information; medical history; medical records or X-rays Medication supply / prescription number information / frequency Doctor contact information (e.g. dentist, physician, pediatrician, etc.) Disabilities, Access and Functional Needs specific information (e.g. diagnosis, support organizations / centers) EMERGENCY GRAB & GO FILES (3 OF 4) Sources of income (e.g. pay stubs); Financial accounts (e.g. checking, savings, or retirement accounts) You may need to demonstrate proof of income when you apply for disaster assistance Re-establish your financial accounts if checks are destroyed or your regular online access methods are disrupted (ensure you have online login information as well!) Insurance policies Home, business, special policies (jewelry, fire, flood, vehicles) Vehicle

Title, registration VIN / License Plate Number; Make, model, color Service Records Picture of vehicle(s) EMERGENCY GRAB & GO FILES (4 OF 4) Gun registration/licenses if applicable Tax statements / Records W-2s Provide contact information for actions to start recovery, such as contacting your insurance company to discuss damage and repairs, or contacting utilities regarding outages and restoration Pets Pictures, Breed, Age, Name

Medical history / records, medications, Microchip info RESOURCE: EMERGENCY FINANCIAL FIRST AID KIT (EFFAK) The FEMA EFFAK is a tool to collect and secure important personal information in a central location The EFFAK is a useful tool for: all income levels and whether you live alone or with many others Available online at or; or by calling

FEMA at (800) 4802520 (ask for document #532) IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS EMERGENCIES 911 City of Fairfax Police Department - 911 or 703-591-5511 Emergency City of Fairfax Emergency Management 703-385-4856

Salvation Army 703-385-8700 Crisislink Hotline 703-527-4077 American Red Cross 1-866-438-4636 Fairfax County Health Department 703-246-7100 Department of Homeland Security 1-800-BE-READY

City of Fairfax Police Non-emergency 703-385-7924 Center for Disease Control 1-800-311-3435 City of Fairfax Fire Department Non-emergency 703-385-7940 National Weather Service

703-260-0809 Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department 703-385-7877 FEMA Disaster Assistance Hotline 1-800-621-3362 The Virginia Relay Center - TTY 711 FEMA Disaster Assistance Hotline 1-800-462-7585 TTY The Virginia Relay Center - Voice

711 FEMA False Claim Reporting 1-800-323-9603 City of Fairfax Office of Emergency Management Fairfax City Alert Ready Virginia Individuals with Disabilities, Access and Functional Needs

Get Involved! Family Communications Plan Coloring books for Kids Get a Kit, Ready Virginia Ready.Gov (FEMA) RESOUR CES Find Out More!

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