BSBOHS 509A:Ensure A Safe Workplace

BSBOHS 509A:Ensure A Safe Workplace

BSBOHS 509A:Ensure A Safe Workplace Occupational health, safety, and security programs make significant contributions to the achievement of corporate goals by reducing costs related to absenteeism and workers compensation, building good will in the community, protecting assets, and improving productivity

Occupational Health And Safety (OHS) The physical, physiological and psychosocial conditions of an organizations workforce, related to aspects of work and the work context Benefits of OHS The implementation of safety and health

standards reduces accidents and illnesses which reduces the amount of production time lost It increases the productivity, costing less to produce products or services Cost savings fewer claims for workers compensation Benefits of OHS (Continued)

Fewer injuries and illnesses lead to improved productivity and employee morale While employees feel safe at work more productive and engaged Safety concerns major motivation factor of unionization Secure work environment can attract qualified employees

Benefits of OHS (Continued) Effective security measures protect business assets physical assets such as buildings and equipment, financial assets, or human assets Operational Responsibilities Depending on the size and nature of the organization, responsibility for health, safety and security functions are assigned to

individual or entire departments Workplace Health Issues Chemical Hazards

Physical Hazards Biological Hazards Substance Abuse Hazards Circumstances, procedures or environments that expose individuals to possible injury, illness, damage or loss

Chemical Hazards A physical or health hazard to workers who are in manufacturing processes For example, asbestos, corrosives, pesticides, gas fumes, or solvents OHS administration requires to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects Physical Hazards

Electrical current, excessive noise, too much or too little light, radiation, and vibrations Exposure can have a long-lasting negative effects on workers health and productivity Over-exposure can be fatal Use of computers can be ergonomic injuries Biological Hazards

Such as bacteria, molds, contaminated water, and dust to cause illness Long-lasting effects or fatal Substance Abuse Substance abusers employees who come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Increased absenteeism and the cause to accidents, injuries or deaths Can cause the employers lawsuits when they endanger the lives of co-workers, vendors, and customers Lower morale for employees who have to take their slack Job-related Stress

Occurs when employees do not have the capabilities and/or resources to accomplish their job requirements and cannot control the circumstances in which they must operate Symptoms of Stress PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL

MENTAL Headaches Mood swings Forgetfulness

Indigestion Irritability Inability to concentrate Fatigue Depression

Disorganization Intestinal problems Hostility Poor judgement

Workplace Health Programs Health and Wellness Programs - Depending on the size and financial conditions of the employers, the services and delivery vary - Some include educational programs for weight control, smoking reduction, and onsite gym, and also gym memberships

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Cost effective benefits providing a variety of counselling and support services E.g. Legal and financial counselling Psychological counselling Alcohol and drug counselling Crisis support EAP is useful after violence or death and a layoff

Drug Testing Programs Drug test jobs such as the use of machinery, equipment or vehicle Requires to begin after developing a substance abuse policy Workplace Safety Issues

General Duty Standard Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)

Occupational Noise Exposure Standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Lockout/Tagout Blood-Borne Pathogens General Duty Standard Employers have to provide a safety work environment

Employees also have to oblige all OHS requirements Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) Employers have to inform their employees of the dangers of chemicals used in the workplace

Occupational Noise Exposure Standard Allowable noise and identifies procedures for measuring noise and audiometric testing for employees in noisy environments Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Employers to provide appropriate garments

and equipments for dealing with different types of hazards such as compressed gas, radiation, explosive substances, and ammonia PPE also requires the employers to train workers in the proper use and maintenance of the equipment Lockout/Tagout Designed to reduce injuries and deaths by

preventing machinery or equipment from starting unexpectedly during repairs and maintenance Blood-Borne Pathogens A microorganism in human blood that can cause disease. Health care workers are at risk by blood and other body fluids (such as HIV)

A written exposure control plan which advises employees of the steps to prevent or reduce the effects of exposures Australian OHS Law Common Law (judge-made law) duties one individual or group owes to another Employers, employees, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers all have common

law duties with regard to OHS Criminal Law OHS incidents can lead to criminal law charges For instance, a workplace death may lead to a charge of manslaughter Civil Statue Law Known as legislation made by an act of

parliament Individual statues Acts E.g. the Occupational Health an Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 OHS legislation covers issues relating to the workplace environment, the work performed and the people involved Risk Management

The process of identifying all hazards in the work or workplace, followed by an assessment of the associated risks and the implementation of effective measures to control those risks Risk the potential outcome of injury, illness, damage or loss resulting from a hazard OHS auditing

A systematic examination against established criteria, conducted regularly to identify deviations from the OHS management system and determine whether these deviations can compromise health, safety and productivity References Bogardus, A.M. 2004, Human Resources Jump Start Human Resources Basics, The Best First

Step Toward a Career in Human Resources, SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA 94501.

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