BTS - Devices

BTS - Devices

BTS Devices - I Detection, Monitoring, and Protection SMU CSE 8394 Device Functionalities Detection

X-ray machines, and Penetration devices Non-intrusive devices Radars Sensor nodes Cameras Monitoring Surveillance cameras Sensor networks Physical Protection Vehicle stopping systems SMU CSE 8394

Micro Impulse Radar (MIR) Cheap, small, low-power ultra-wideband radar device Developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Applications Concrete penetrating radar Many feet into concrete/rubble Used in WTC Can be configured for range detection and keep-out zone security SMU

CSE 8394 MIR Technology Uses an impulse of radio signal Peak power much higher than the average Ultra-wideband spectrum (several GHz wide) More sensitive in gauging distance and object properties compared to traditional radars Claims to detect stealth-aircraft with details on the edges SMU

CSE 8394 MIR Security Applications Locating buried or hidden objects such as landmines and unexploded ordnance Discovering subterranean tunnels for human infiltration or smuggling Micro-Air Vehicles (MAV) New class aircrafts with target dimensions < 6in in any direction Military applications, reconnaissance, surveillance of inner cities, communication relays Use UWB radars for stringent response time requirements, parameter control, range locking, low power and small size

SMU CSE 8394 Radar Flashlight Uses narrow 16-degree radar beam (FCC approved band) To detect people behind closed doors and other obstructions Useful to police (ambush situations and such) For monitoring vital signs without having to remove protective clothing Will not work on water or metal

SMU CSE 8394 Baggage Screening Technologies Computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanning Stoichiometric detectors Ultrasonic and thermal imaging Gamma-ray imaging SMU

CSE 8394 CT and X-Ray Machines Technology borrowed from medical field Approved products form InVision Technologies and L3 Technologies How it works Produces a scan projection Computer decides which other slices need to be taken by the rotating X-ray source If a match with explosive objects, flag it (EDS) Cannot really identify the chemical composition 17-30% false positive rate (Chocolate, jam etc. present similar density characteristics as explosives) SMU

CSE 8394 Complementary Technologies for CT QR sensors Sends magnetic signals and collect the response to determine target characteristics Range is only 2 inches, not good for checked in baggage SMU CSE 8394 Stoichiometric Detection (SD)

Deciphering of the chemical formulas of unknown substances Non-intrusive technology to retrieve the chemical formula and 3D image of explosives from a 3 ft distance Developed by HiEnergy technologies Related physics is called Atometry SMU CSE 8394 SD (contd) How it works:

The target is irradiated with fast neutrons tagged with alpha particles Neutrons, in turn, cause the agents to emit prompt gamma rays back to the 'SuperSenzor Electronically processing the alpha and gamma signals, formulas are obtained revealing the atomic proportions of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen(key elements for deciphering explosives and organic compounds) SMU CSE 8394 Thermal Imaging

Captures heat emitted by objects Warmer objects irradiates more than cooler objects Advantages Vision at night without any ambient light (ie. stars, moon) Excellent resolution compared to night vision devices See through smoke and gases Completely passive (provide user with imagery without announcing to intruders that they are being monitored) SMU CSE 8394

Gamma-Ray Imaging Used for detecting nuclear weapons Can detect weak radioactive sources that would otherwise be hidden by the natural background of gamma-ray emissions Can remotely survey large areas and individual objects for GR emissions and produce 3D images Two types GRIS GR imaging spectrometer Compton Camera SMU

CSE 8394 Off Track! SMU CSE 8394 Vehicle Stopping System (VSS) To stop port-runners Better than tire shredding 65 mph and above speeds Net the driver and passengers Demo

SMU CSE 8394 Truck Stopping Device Attached to the back of a truck Triggered by highway patrol Keeps hijacked trucks from becoming motorized missiles Demo SMU CSE 8394

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