Building a Statewide Suicide Prevention Network

Building a Statewide Suicide Prevention Network

History of TSPN / Statewide Suicide Prevention Initiatives for Survivors of Suicide and Suicide Attempts October 24, 2014 Scott Ridgway, MS Executive Director Saving Lives in Tennessee History of TSPN: Beginnings 1998: Dr. Ken Tullis (attempt survivor) and wife Madge Tullis attend National Suicide Prevention Conference held in Reno; begin campaign to SPAN the State of Tennessee 1999: Tennessee Suicide Prevention Conference presents the Tennessee Strategy for Suicide Prevention (first suicide prevention conference in Tennessee) History of TSPN: Beginnings Spring 2001: 1,300 people/ attended the five regional conferences held across the state

July 2001: Suicide Prevention Council hires Executive Director October 2001: Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network formally organized and holds first meeting History of TSPN: Beginnings December 2001: Suicide Prevention Advisory Council appointed by Governor Don Sundquist TSPN has maintained support through three consecutive gubernatorial administrations January 2002: Intra-State Departmental Group formed TSPNs Advisory Council Governor-appointed

Independent and nonpartisan Two-year appointments Consecutive pending reappointment Review and evaluate TSPN activities and objectives through committees Advocate for public policy change on the statewide level regarding suicide prevention Preside over eight regional networks Intra-State Departmental Groups Members of state departments and agencies Advise TSPN on an ex officio basis Promote TSPN events and implement TSPN activities within their departments Work to update department policy and procedures relevant to suicide prevention TSPN Regions and Current Regional Chairs m Lewis Maury

Chester Shelby Fayett e Hardeman McNairy Hardin Memphis/ Shelby County Area Waring Porter Pastor, All Saints Presbyterian Church (901) 233-2175 [email protected] Wayne Lawrence Giles Bedford Lincoln

n Ca no South Central Karyl Chastain Beal, M.Ed, CT Parents of Suicides/Friends and Families of Suicides (931) 388-9289 [email protected] An Warren Coffee Grundy Van Buren Se qu Franklin

Marion at ch i rs de on Knox Roane n e Loudon Rhea s Perry Rutherford

McMinn Bradley r ge in blen ra Greene Ham G Jefferson Cocke Washington ni U c Carter oi Sevier Blount

Monroe Polk Southeast Eve Nite Mental Health Cooperative of Chattanooga (423) 697-5952 [email protected] Advisory Council Chairperson Tim Tatum, MA, LPC-MHSP Pine Ridge Treatment Center (423) 339-4351 [email protected] Executive Director Scott Ridgway, MS (615) 297-1077 [email protected] n Sullivan Hawkins

so Campbell Northeast Hancock Claiborne Union Cumberland White e t ha Che a Hickman De Kalb Scott

Morgan Me ig Tipton Williamson Fentress Putnam Wilson Bl ed so Haywood Madison n so er nd e H

Humphreys Smith Davidson Jackson Overton n Cro cke tt Trousdale East Tennessee Pickett Clay o re le Macon Sumner

Mo rda de Carroll Dickson Marshall u La Gibson Houston Be nto n Dyer Weakley Henry

Decatur Lak e Stewart Upper Cumberland y er Robertson m go t n Mo Harold Leonard, MA, LPC-MHSP Cognitive Behavioral Specialists of the Tri-Cities (423) 245-5608 [email protected] hn Mid-Cumberland Rural West

Obion Anne Young, MS, CAS Cornerstone of Recovery (865) 970-0500 [email protected] Jo Anne Stamps Center Director Cumberland Mountain MHC / Dale Hollow MHC 501 Spruce Street Livingston, TN 38570-2025 Christen Thorpe, MS, CRC, CATSM (931) 484-8020 or Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee 823-5678 (615) 383-2115, extension 70 [email protected] [email protected] Ha mi lt o Sabrina Anderson Boys and Girls Clubs of

Jackson-Madison County 832 Lexington Street Jackson, TN 38301 (731) 422-2008 [email protected] TSPN: A Public/Private Partnership Participants (Private) Survivors and attempters Mental health and public health professionals Existing suicide prevention groups (i.e., AFSP, AAS, Jason Foundation, SPRC, Yellow Ribbon) Clergy Journalists TSPN: A Public/Private Partnership Participants (Public) TDOH Injury Prevention Child and Maternal Health Health Statistics

TDMHSAS A&D Children and Youth Older Adults TDCS, TDOE, TDHS, TDOC TBI Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth TSPNs Regional Networks Implement TSPN objectives on the local level Organize regional awareness and educational events Provide assistance in local postvention efforts Promote public policy change locally and statewide Local support for statewide TSPN projects Suicide by the Numbers 2008 2009 2010 2011

2012 2013 965 939 Tennessee (15.7) (15.1) 932 (14.7) 938 (14.6) 956 (14.8) 1,017 (15.7) U.S. 36,035 36,909 38,364 39,518 40,600 (11.8) (12.0) (12.4) (12.7) (12.9) Source: TDOH, 2011; CDC, 2010

N/A Leading Methods of Suicide Death in Tennessee, 2012 FIREARMS (62.6%) SUFFOCATION (18.6%) POISONING (13.5%) OTHER (5.3%) Source: TDOH, 2012 Suicide Prevention Legislation in Tennessee Jason Flatt Act of 2007: Mandates 2 hours of inservice suicide prevention training for public school staff Has been replicated in 10 other states Kenneth and Madge Tullis, MD, Suicide Prevention Act of 2015 introduced in General Assembly Mandates suicide prevention training as part of professional licensure requirements

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Observed every September since 2001 Statewide and local awareness events Statewide and local proclamation project (88 out of 95 counties covered this year; 130 documents) Awareness walks Exhibits at local conferences and other events TSPNs Publications Brochures: Survivors of Suicide groups Older adults Youth

Midlife Veterans Bullying and suicide Substance abuse and suicide GLBT African-Americans TSPNs Publications Church bulletin inserts Regional resource directories TSPN Call to Action (monthly) Status of Suicide in Tennessee (annual) Out of the Shadows (bi-monthly, survivors) can you hear me? (bi-monthly, attempt survivors) TSPNs Outreach Suicide postvention and debriefing

Veterans outreach through NAMI, TDMHSAS, Fort Campbell, VA centers Law enforcement (i.e., CIT) Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program/ Tennessee Bar Association African-American church conferences Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) Gun Safety Project TSPNs Outreach Partnership with Your Heart on Art, Inc. to promote therapeutic art sessions Planning underway for VI13ON, a statewide motorcycle rally /awareness project slated for September 2015 Resources: Telephone, Internet & Apps National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Apps

Internet NSPL TSPN SPRC AAS 20 Resources TSPN website: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Survivors of Suicide groups listed at Introductions

Karyl Chastain Beal, survivor of suicide, facilitator of the Parents of Suicides/Friends and Families of Suicides online support group; CoChair, TSPN Advisory Council Cindy Johnson, survivor of suicide, Chair of TSPN MontgomeryHouston-Stewart County Suicide Prevention Task Force Samantha Nadler (@foughtforhope), advocate for survivors of suicide attempts, Middle TN Regional Coordinator

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