Burrowing Owl Management Activities on El Sol Management Area

Species of the Month Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura Jearu Turkey Vulture A large dark bird with long, broad wings Adults have a red head

Feathers protrude at the wingtips, and while soaring, vultures hold their wings raised, making a slight V Larger than other raptors Ranges from southern Canada to the southernmost tip of South America Can be found in the Plan Area year round Photo: Luke Seitz

Turkey Vulture Vultures serve an important part in the ecosystem Vultures have increased in population since the 1960s. Vultures find carrion by sight and smell Wintering vultures will often form large

roosting colonies Vultures nest on cliffs 1-3 eggs are laid Nesting sites are remote Monitoring and Management Conserve and maintain open habitat for foraging Include within the MSHCP conservation area known nesting sites

Monitor known nesting sites Include in the MSCHP conservation area cliff sites which provide nesting habitat Thank You Steven Mcsweeny

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