[Business Communication]

[Business Communication]

URP 3161 Housing and Real Estate Development Real Estate Basic Issues Presented by: Showmitra Kumar Sarkar Lecturer

Department of Urban and Regional Planning Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) Khulna-9203, Bangladesh Acknowledgement... These slides are aggregations for better understanding of the topic mentioned in the previous slide . I acknowledge the contribution of all the authors and photographers from where I tried to accumulate the info and used for better presentation. Real Estate

Real Estate is property, refers to anything that can be owned. Tangible Asset Physical things (i.e. automobiles, clothing, land and buildings etc.) Intangible Asset Contractual Rights (i.e. mortgage and lease agreements), Financial

Claims (i.e. stocks and bonds), 3 Fundamental Ways to Express Real Estate First: As Tangible Asset Second: As Bundle of Rights Third: As Industry and Profession

As Tangible Assets Real Estate can be defined as the land and its permanents improvements. Improvements to the Land the components necessary to make the Improvements on land suitable for building construction or the Land

other uses (i.e. infrastructure and (i.e. buildings, fences, consists of the street, walkways, storm walls and decks etc.) water drainage systems, and other systems such as water, sewer, electric

As Tangible Assets Tangible assets include both Real Property and Personal Property. Personal Property -things that are movable and not permanently affixed to the land

Real Property -immovable property (i.e. land and anything attached to the land) How personal property can be converted real property? As Bundle of Rights Bundle of intangible rights associated with the Ownership

Use of the Site Improvements Bundle of property rights may be limited in numerous ways (i.e. land use restrictions). Rights can be distributed to multiple owners and non-owners. The value of bundle of rights is a function of the propertys As Industry and Profession

Refer to the industry activities associated with evaluation, producing, acquiring, managing, and selling real property assets. Real estate professions vary widely and include: a) Real estate brokerage, leasing and property management services b) Appraisal and consulting services c) Site selection, acquisition and property development d) Construction e) Mortgage finance and securitization f) Corporate and institutional real estate investment

g) Government activities such as planning, land use regulation, environmental protection and taxation. Question s?

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