Business smart: - Nottingham Trent University

Business smart: - Nottingham Trent University

Business smart: a 3-phase approach to inducting new students ANDREA REID E M P L O YA B I L I T Y C O O R D I N AT O R THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA Introduction Previous role Teaching and Learning Consultant, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Current role Employability Coordinator at the University of Queensland (UQ)

Co-author of two Pearson Australia academic skills texts Doctoral research employer expectations of graduate employability and how they inform the development of professional knowledge, skills and attributes in HE The Australian higher education landscape Demand-driven model student expectations around employability; return on investment in HE Increasingly competitive labour market students required to differentiate themselves

Employer expectations of more than just the degree Changes to post-study work rights of international students Deregulation of fees for Australian domestic students, cuts to government contributions to per-student funding Possible reduction in international student numbers as key competitors in Asia Pacific develop their HE offerings in country Australian Qualifications Framework Beginning the university journey Student uncertainty around academic, financial and social expectations Transition to HE crucial in setting up students for a satisfying and successful experience

Australia O week activities prior to the start of classes: Getting started Library tours IT and enrolment assistance Discipline-specific introductions OVERWHELMING!

Academic preparation Social activities QUT Business school approach Background:

Students miss out on vital information if they are unable to or choose not to attend Overload of information in a short space of time Gradual transition to new learning environment less overwhelming for new students Just-in-time approach to reach as many as students as possible when the need arises Bridge gap from point of offer to commencement of studies Foster connections with the School from the outset Timely, appropriate and effective communication of information and support services The three-phase approach 1. Point of offer up to Pre-Orientation

(enrolment and student administration) 2. Pre-Orientation and Orientation Week (orientation and induction) 3. First semester of study (study skills and campus life) Phase 1: enrolment & student admin First connections with the Business School mail out of a bespoke welcome postcard Postcard outlines next steps in enrolment process

Student Gateway redesigned to be more informative and user-friendly Enrolment sessions available on campus for the two weeks prior to O Week Phase 2: orientation Pre-O week: enrolment sessions (for domestic and international students), welcome for scholarship recipients O week: day-long programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Executive Dean welcome Discipline-specific welcome Enrolment help Academic preparedness (one hour session) Information on extra-curricular activities (one hour session) Welcoming, festive atmosphere in main foyer displays, helium balloons, lollies, giant games Features of phase 2 Focus on welcoming students rather than overwhelming them

Broad overview rather than too much information Preparation for academic journey (in and out of the classroom) Information about support services Interactive, interesting and informative discipline sessions Beginning of journey to becoming a professional and how to enhance employability Phase 3: study skills and campus life Workshops, seminars and activities delivered across the semester staged introduction to study and campus life Aim information, developing skills needed

for early and continued success, creating connections Example sessions: industry seminars, selecting your major, enrolment, getting started on your first assignment, money management, research skills, exam techniques, retention clinics, stress management Phase 3 foyer expos Maintaining welcoming, festive atmosphere of O week Foyer area of main building of Business School

Specific themes: student interest groups support services enrichment activities going global Staff on hand to answer general enquiries, particularly around enrolment

4s study+skills+support=success Individual assessment advice sessions and assessment task workshops for each assignment in the 8 core units of the Bachelor of Business (graduate attributes teaching by stealth) Also Discipline-based, embedded Learning Advisor in each School for individual and group academic support consultations, and in-class interventions Success of approach Strong communications strategy (online chat

service from point of offer, mail out of welcome postcard, emails to students, student gateway) Collaborative nature of Working Party and strength of skills and experience represented Small team able to make progress, report back to wider group Evaluation of approach Increased attendance during O week over the past two years High student satisfaction with discipline-specific sessions and academic expectations Key features of Phase 2 for students meeting other students,

awareness of support services, assistance around choosing majors Increased attendance at 4S workshops over the period the program has been running. Continuous bookings of individual assessment advice sessions Students who attend 4S workshops achieve higher grades than those who do not (however, difficult to prove direct correlation between attendance and success) Future: online resources, greater student ambassador involvement, make academic expectations session more less dry Contact details Andrea Reid Employability Coordinator

UQ Advantage Office The University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia [email protected]

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