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  • Vascular Aging - Api

    Vascular Aging - Api

    Atomic force micrograph frpm Barbara et al, Am J Physiol [Heart Care Physiol.], 1995; 266: H1765-H1772 Whenever the endothelium is diseased or damaged, vasodilative responsiveness is reduced. In fact, it is replaced by hyperresponsiveness to contractile stimuli.
  • Improving sentences

    Improving sentences

    Improving sentences Objective - to improve sentences by adding: adjectives adverbs a prepositional phrase an embedded clause an -ing and -ed clause. Our basic sentence A dog barked. Adding adjectives What is an adjective and what is its job? A...
  • 计算机网络 - moodle.hstc.edu.cn

    计算机网络 - moodle.hstc.edu.cn

    2.3 物理层下面的传输媒体 2.3.1 导向传输媒体 双绞线 屏蔽双绞线 STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) 无屏蔽双绞线 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) 同轴电缆 50 同轴电缆 75 同轴电缆 光缆 各种电缆 光线在光纤中的折射 光纤的工作原理 多模光纤与单模光纤 2.3.2 非导向传输媒体 无线传输 ...
  • Shaping Processes for Plastics

    Shaping Processes for Plastics

    Polymer is synthesized and part geometry is created at the same time . Shaping processes for polyurethane foam: Spraying. Pouring ©2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. M P Groover, Principals of Modern Manufacturing 4/e, SI Version
  • MEMS Fabrication

    MEMS Fabrication

    Micromachining Technology. The three characteristic features of MEMS fabrication technologies are miniaturization, multiplicity, and microelectronics. Miniaturization is clearly an important part of MEMS, since materials and components that are relatively small and light enable compact and quick-response devices.
  • Beyond Texts, Tweets and #Tags: Digital Tools that Support ...

    Beyond Texts, Tweets and #Tags: Digital Tools that Support ...

    ZooBurst. is a digital storytelling tool that lets you easily create your own 3D pop-up books. ZooBurst provides students with new ways in which they can tell stories, deliver presentations, write reports and express complex ideas.
  • August 27th-28th First Class for the Year

    August 27th-28th First Class for the Year

    Greek myths chronicled in the book the Illiad by Homer. Roman myths chronicled in the book Aeneid. Literary . Source: Greek Gods Roman Gods. Not known. Many Roman gods borrowed from Greek mythology and myths of Roman creation from Greeks....
  • Environmental Cleaning David Woodard, MSc, CIC, CPHQ, CLS

    Environmental Cleaning David Woodard, MSc, CIC, CPHQ, CLS

    Correlation between ATP bioluminescence (RLU/Swab) and aerobic colony count (cfu/swab) Bioluminescence PPV = 63% NPV= 71%. Satisfactory by RLUs. but Unsatisfactory by # CFU. Increased acquisition risk from prior room occupant 6 studies as of January 2011. Carling PC, Bartley...