Canada - Humanities webquests

Canada - Humanities webquests

Canada Racquel February 17,2017 MA P OF CA NA DA WI TH 4 PH YSI CA L Quebec- St. Lawrence River

Northwest Territories- The Great Lakes Between British Columbia & Alberta- Rocky Mountains On the right side- Atlantic ocean Where Do People Live? Most people live in the southern parts of the country because of warm weather and arable land.

Most people live in the southern parts of Canada because its near the U.S. Most people live in the southern parts of Canada because there is a lot of natural resources. Some Examples of Natural Resources Coal Iron Silver fish Environmental Issue One environmental issue in Canada is air pollution. The cause to air pollution is wood burning, emissions from cars and factories,

and construction. This can cause acid rain (which kills animal life and pollutes water)this also can cause health issues to the people in way Canada will try to solve this environmental issue is to use solar powered factories and design cars to have less air pollution. SP OK EN LA NG UA GE S IN CA NA DA

Canadas diversity extends beyond the two languages English and French. In Canada 4.7 million people reported speaking a language other than English or French (Spanish) most often at home. Pros And

Cons Whe ther Cana da Shou ld Sepa rate From Que bec Pro s

They wont be a bilingual speaking country anymore. Canada has a large debt of over 150 million has been accumulating over the years but Canada is slowly coming out. Canada would have to pay heavy tariffs if they split and put exports on their goods. Then they will lose money because other countries wont want their goods and they would go for cheaper goods. Con s If they split Quebec will be an all French speaking country like they wanted to be. They also can make extra dollars from tourism. Canada will lose a big chunk of debt and it will go to Quebec.

Canada's Government Canada has a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Where people vote for the legislator and the legislator votes for the chief of state. Canada has a federal power distribution. Were Canada shares power with the national government. He ad of sta te

and Chi ef of Sta te He ad of Sta te Chi ef of

Sta te The Head of State in Canada is the Queen of England. The Head of State looks pretty and act as the Chief public Representative of that State. The Chief of State in Canada is Justin Trudeau also known as the prime minister. The chief of state makes the dissensions. Also is chief public representative of a country . CA N

A D A' S EC O N O This means Canada isn't a pure command or neither is Canada a pure market its a mixed economy. Canada is more closer

to market then it is closer to command. NAFTA NAFTA promotes competition ,protects the property rights of people and businesses, to be able to resolve problems that arise among countries, encourage cooperation among countries, and create a free trade area. This helps Canada and its trade. T-Chart Exports Imports

Raw Material EX: Logs, minerals, oil and gas. Seafood is the largest food factor thats exported from Canada Canada is the 10th largest exporter. CARS The top major import for Canada.

The USA is Canada largest trading partner. Only 8% of imports come from China. PI CT U R E A labeled map of Canada.

PI CT UR E A picture of Canada's flag. PI C T U R E A map of Canada.

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