CAP Conference and Transition Workshops

CAP Conference and Transition Workshops

CAP Conference and Transition Workshops Spring 2017 SSEC Grant Report-Out AGENDA I. Background to CAP/SSEC Proposal II. Major Take-Aways III. Differences in Acceleration between English and EL IV. Future Steps Brief V. Report-Out on EL Transition Workshops VI. Questions? BACKGROUND I. SSEC Proposal - Pre- and Main Conference Attendance - Launchpad Continuing Conversations and Study II. CAP Conference

- Pre-Conference - Workshops - Plenary Sessions SNAPSHOT OF WORKSHOPS A Sample of Workshops, Institutes, and Plenaries - What is Good Enough English? - Acceleration in ESL: Accelerated Pedagogy in ESL - Designing Successful Pathways for ESL Students - Acceleration in ESL: Highpoints and Headaches - Supercharging Accelerated English Classes - Working Toward a Growth Mindset in Grading - ESL Accelerated Pedagogy in Practice - Basic Skills and the Legislative Landscape MAJOR TAKEAWAYS I. ACHIEVEMENT -

MJCs English Language Department is Fully Engaged 1. Integrating Reading with Writing 2. Themes Focus on the Human Experience & American Culture 3. Selected Vocabulary Development 4. Academic Literacy in Use 5. Just-in-Time Language Instruction MAJOR TAKEAWAYS I. POSSIBILITIES - Articulated Curriculum Design 1. Build a library of Interconnected Course Materials A. Themes, Texts & Supporting Articles B. Vocabulary Development Practice C. Critical Thinking Strategies

2. Evaluate and Modify A. Continue Alignment with English Curriculum B. Monitor Exit Points DIFFERENCES & SIMILARITIES: ENGLISH AND EL functionally fluent in the language culturally familiar with a number of topics discussed in aspirations/goals CC classrooms ability to think implicit critically understanding of both belong at the

rhetorical college organization great deal of implicit vocabulary knowledge need for building multi-cultural schema need for more time, practice, and skills development need for more vocabulary development need for explicit instruction in the language

need for building schema on American culture & history need for highly scaffolded materials FUTURE STEPS Work Ahead - May 3rd-4th Training at MJC (FT EL Department participation) - Materials Revision/Development - Reading/Writing Survey - Further Study/Department Discussions - Need for Further Discussion - Grading Norms and Variance across Disciplines - Fall 2017 CATESOL Presentation Brewing: - Combining Critical Thinking, Acceleration, and Civic Engagement


3% 100 % 94% 6% 94% 6% 97% 3% WORKSHOP COMMENT DATA: BEST PART? She explain really carity All very good presentation

grammar + reading + how to make profissional email emailing explanation Every single page I learn about reading everything was great present prefect It's grammar part. The examples were clear all points writing tips Present prefect The all presentation was very good everything is very useful The professor will explain very well The auxiliry have It help me understand more and I looking come next shop

Gramar: Present Perfect tence grammar: present perfect tense The teacher was excelent yes everything is useful of this presentation about the topic how to write topic Everything Presentation teach Mrs Kate about Perfect tense Explaining how to read COMMENT DATA: MAKE BETTER?

more hours everything was great NA We need more time It helps me if the time is more the time is very short It can spend more time vocabulary, definitions, synonym, antonyms

improve my grammar, writing and reading skills talk more slouly more hour for practice No, it was perfet/could you give more exercises to practices and the other workshops It is next time, I will have a better to understand the explanation more time definitely/I think is better 3 hours I would like to have more time in class more time lo learn more More hours for practice I understood better/I really feel happy with this short classes she has excellent knowledged/\could she make other workshop for us

maybe we need a more time I think we need more days and more time writing/more time More important and increase my knowlege add more hour more writing and grammar workshops I wish to continue by doing this workshops for a new student each semester wil-did auxiliary more ideas Gerund Gerund and Infinitives More reading and writing and grammar all of them

a specific topic like how to make an outline resume letter writing Those topics that useful for students of ESL any topics could help us well FUTURE TOPICS?

More examples Present perfect Tense Tenses Auxiliary will Essay writing more informations about grammar I would like to see more grammar in the future. reading more practice/use fun games for learn.only one subject because the time is limited more convertion could you please make one of commas

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