Career Benchmarks: National Pilot Northern EC Network Meeting ...

Career Benchmarks: National Pilot Northern EC Network Meeting ...

Career Benchmarks: National Pilot Future Ready 2016 Ryan Gibson National Facilitator Background to the Benchmarks Gatsby Foundation Charitable Foundation of Lord Sainsbury Professor Sir John Holman Six International Visits Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Finland, Canada, Republic of Ireland. 8 benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance identified. Schools starting points in relation to the benchmarks tested via a survey of 10% of schools in England. Findings combined with the international research. National Pilot commissioned in 2015 to test how schools and

colleges can move from their starting points to a position of achieving the benchmarks. Audit and Action Planning. 2 year pilot in terms of intensive activity with the schools/colleges, 4 year pilot in terms of data collection independent external evaluation. The 8 Benchmarks North East Education and Skills Context The North East has fewer people with high skill levels compared to the national average. More than a fifth of adults in the region have no qualifications at all, double the national figure. The region has an ageing skilled workforce in some key areas of economic activity including advanced manufacturing.

Stark gender imbalances exist within some sectors, such as engineering and digital. The region has the highest rate of youth unemployment and the highest proportion of young people recorded as NEET nationally. North East Education and Skills Context The region has a higher proportion of young people entering apprenticeships than the national average. Over last 10 years, secondary school performance in the NE LEP area has improved at a faster rate than other regions outside of London. In 2012, Lord Adonis was commissioned by the North East LEP to conduct a review of the NE economy. The report highlighted a lack of cohesion, consistency or coordination for careers education

and information, advice and guidance (IAG) on career options as a barrier to the regions economic success... But it did recognise examples of outstanding practice. Participating Schools and Colleges Berwick Academy Northumberland Church of England Academy King Edward VI School, Morpeth St Josephs Catholic Academy Harton Technology College Kenton School Excelsior Academy Churchill Community College Shotton Hall Academy Greenfield School Park View Academy Castle View Enterprise Academy The Link School, Sunderland Bishop Auckland College Sunderland College East Durham College Career Benchmarks National Pilot: Aims

To embed the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks in 16 schools and colleges in the North East Local Enterprise Partnership area. To test the benchmarks in action documenting the conditions, support and capacity needed by schools and colleges to make measurable and rapid progress towards the achievement of the benchmarks . 4 Clear Intentions 1. Build capacity within and between the pilot schools to deliver a consistent, comprehensive and high quality career education for all students that meets the standards of the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks. 2. Test the impact of the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks on student outcomes and whole school/college culture in a diversity of settings over a two year period. 4 Clear Intentions 3. Identify the problems and barriers to the comprehensive

implementation of the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks within different schools and localities, and identify solutions and opportunities to overcome these issues. 4. Create a sustainable and replicable approach to the implementation of the Good Career Guidance Benchmarks that can be applied at scale in other areas of England. INDICATIONS FROM THE INITIAL AUDIT Indications from the Initial Audit North East Starting Points Number of Number of Schools / Colleges Benchmarks achieving Benchmarks 0 Benchmarks 1 Benchmark 2 Benchmarks 3 Benchmarks 4 Benchmarks 5 Benchmarks 6 Benchmarks 7 Benchmarks 8 Benchmarks

8 2 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 Generic indications from the initial audit No school/college fully achieves more than 3 of the benchmarks. 8 schools/colleges do not fully achieve any benchmarks. The Pupil Referral Unit does not fully achieve any benchmarks.

No school or college fully achieves benchmark 3 addressing the needs of each pupil. None of the 11-16 schools fully achieve benchmarks 1-3. None of the schools with sixth forms fully achieve benchmarks 2,3,4 or 5. No College fully achieves benchmark 7 - encounters with higher education. No school in Northumberland fully achieves any of the benchmarks Very Positive Name of School / College: Berwick Academy 1

X Name of School / College: Benchmarks Fully Achieved 3 4 5 6 7 8 X X X X X X 2 X Number of Benchmarks No Criteria Criteria Criteria Partially Fully Achieved Achieved Achieved 0 8 0 Berwick Academy

Benchmarks Criteria Fully Achieved (F) Benchmarks Criteria Partially Achieved (P) Benchmarks Criteria Not Achieved (N) Name of School / College: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (OUT OF 9) (OUT OF 8)

(OUT OF 7) (OUT OF 5) (OUT OF 5) (OUT OF 3) (OUT OF 5) (OUT OF 4) (C OUT OF 4) (11-16 OUT OF 4) (11-16 OUT OF 2) (11-16 OUT OF 4) (11-16 OUT OF 3) (C OUT OF 3) (C OUT OF 2)

(C OUT OF 2) (C OUT OF 5) Berwick Academy 0 NPF NPF NPF NPF NPF NPF NPF NPF - 45125- 25- 5- 23- - 21- 23- 31 Positive Picture Every College fully achieves benchmark 6 Experiences of the workplace. 7 schools / colleges partially achieve all 8 of the benchmarks. Every school / college partially achieves at least 5 of the 8 benchmarks.

Schools and Colleges now have clear action plans about where they need to develop their provision and how they intend to target support. Excellent practice is emerging and a real buzz is being generated around the careers agenda. What Next National Developments The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) have adopted the benchmarks Enterprise Advisers, 5m fund, toolkit. Teach First have adopted the benchmarks - developing Employability leads in schools and the associated training required. CDI have adopted the benchmarks and mapped them into their new framework. Quality award schemes are mapping against the benchmarks.

Employer Endorsement including Creative Industries Federation, Caterpillar, RTPI, Engineering UK. Performance Measures Sustained Destination Data inc on data dashboard and RAISE online and is included in 4 of the 6 major judgements by Ofsted National Review into Careers EIAG being heavily influenced by Gatsby. What Next The Pilot Independent Evaluator Tristram Hooley and Nicki Moore, International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby. Innovation Fund three successful bids to date, with one focusing on what a school needs to do to successfully integrate an employers into its provision, one focusing on innovative work experiences and one on student perceptions of LMI.

Case Studies one per school/college per term, best practice. Advisory Board Established to support the development of the National Pilot, provide direction and advice as well as coherence as part of a national roll out. National Pilot: Careers Education Advisory Board Bill McGawley OBE Chairman, TDR Group and Director EDT Denis Heaney Careers and Enterprise Company Gary

Holmes (Professor) Pro-Vice Chancellor, Sunderland University Gillian Miller Regional Director, Association of Colleges Jan Ellis Chief Executive , Careers Development Institute Kehri Ellis Chief Executive, North Tyneside Learning Trust Megan Clatworthy

Senior Officer - Employability - Access, Teach First Neil Warwick Square One Law Paul Carbert Policy Advisor @ North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) Ryan Gibson NE LEP - Gatsby Facilitator Sarah Glendinning Regional Director, CBI

Sue Houston Assistant Director, BIS Yorkshire, North East & Humber What Next Projects Destinations Data tackling the issue of lagged data, data collection, use of data and performance measures. Working group of LA leads and School / College leads (chaired by Matt Joyce, Harton). Significant interest from DfE. Labour Market Information What is LMI, how can it be used effectively and applied locally by staff, students, parents, governors and employers. (Chaired by Mark Fox, Northumberland CofE Academy). National partnership with LMI for All Opportunities not determined by Geography Investigating employer engagement in rural / isolated areas and developing solutions (Northumberland focus).

A Joined Up Approach One coherent message to education (benchmarks, teacher training, standards, quality awards). One coherent message to business (NCS, NECC, BITC, STEMNET, EAs, Ambassador Programmes etc) Benchmarks the Guiding Principle Our work suggests that there is no single magic bullet for good career guidance: it is about doing a number of things, identified in our benchmarks, doing them consistently, doing them well and doing them for all and every student.

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