Carl Stalling - Yola

Carl Stalling - Yola

Carl Stalling The most famous unknown composer of the 20th century Carl An American composer during Stalling the Golden Age of Animation

Born Nov. 10th 1891 in Lexington Missouri Died Nov. 29th 1972 near Los Angeles, California He was known for his work with Walt Disney (Silly Symphonies) and for his work with Warner Brothers (Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies)

The Early Years Carl started playing the piano at 6 yrs old. He became the principal piano accompanist of a silent movie house at 12 yrs old. He started conducting his own orchestra and improvising at the organ at the Isis Movie Theater in his early 30s.

Disney Studios Stalling started his cartoon career with Disney. The Skeleton Dance (1929) Mostly a fox trot in a minor key Disney Studios Stalling used the tick method to sync the music with the animation. Each member of the orchestra would wear an

earphone to listen to the clicks the film would make going through a projector (or something like that). Warner Brothers Stallings career at Warner Bros. lasted 22 years from 1936-1958, when he retired. One Froggy Evening Listen for: Aural and visual musical gags

Tin Pan Alley popular songs Stalling was a master at swiftly changing musical styles. His arrangements are complicated and technically demanding. He made extensive use of many of the works of Raymond Scott He often used musical quotation and punning.

Water Water Everyhare Carl Stalling almost single-handedly brought about a new form of music that did not exist before 1928. Having established the musical conventions for cartoons, Stalling basically had an influence on every cartoon composer since his run at Warner Bros. He was also a master at telling a story through music, with gestures and nuances so clear, that there is never any doubt as to his intentions. If you

dont believe me, go turn on your television and watch some Looney Tunes. Turn up the volume and listen while doing something else. I guarantee you will know exactly what is happening, and to whom. This was the comedic skill of Carl Stalling. --Daniel Goldmark References

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 1 DVDs New Grove Dictionary of American Music Adamson, Joe (1980) "Chuck Jones Interviewed." in The American Animated Cartoon, edited by Gerald and Danny Peary,. New York: E. P. Dutton. pp. 12841 The Mickey Mouse Genius, by August Kleinzahler, Slate Magazine Posted Friday, Dec. 5, 2003

Funnyworld Revisited, Carl Stalling, by Michael Barrier, Milton Gray, and Bill Spicer, reprinted from Funnyworld No. 13 (1971)

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