carotid disease - UHNResearch

carotid disease - UHNResearch

Cerebrovascular Anatomy M. Christopher Wallace M.D. The Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network University of Toronto Postgraduate Lecture Series

Division of Neurosurgery Friday October 6, 2000 Collateral Circulation Circle of Willis

Variation Leptomeningeal Collateral Cerebral Autoregulation Maintenance of blood flow during variation

in blood pressure Change in blood flow related to metabolic activity Mechanism for Cerebral Autoregulation?

Myogenic Neurogenic Metabolic Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow

Seymour Kety Delivery of blood flow to given wt of brain per time period 50ml/100grams/minute Brain takes 12-15% of cardiac output

Internal Carotid Artery Divisions: cervical, petrous, cavernous, infraclinoid, supraclinoid Branches: meningohypophyseal trunk dorsal meningeal artery, tentorial artery, inferior

hypophyseal artery of the inferior cavernous sinus capsular arteries of McConnell

Internal Carotid Artery Internal Carotid Artery Supraclinoid Branches Ophthalmic

Posterior communicating Anterior choroidal Bifurcation Middle Cerebral Artery

Variation Divisions (M1-M4) Lenticulostriate arteries medial lateral putamen, caudate, sup

internal capsule Anterior Cerebral Artery Variation Divisions (A1-A4) Anterior communicating artery

Lamina terminalis, septal region, fornix, preoptic/hypothalamus Recurrent artery of Heubner Anterior putamen, pallidum and internal capsule

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