Unit 1 Warm-Ups & Wrap-Ups Day 1 Warm-Up: Cell Phone Problems List at least 5 things you do not like about your cell phone.

Day 1 Activity Discuss Headphones - Why so many different kinds? Intro to Project Slideshow Project Overview Handout

Day 1 Wrap Up What is the... Unit Title: Big Idea: Essential Question: Challenge: Guiding Questions:

HW: Finish the survey. Day 2: Warm-Up "Dinner" The tasks for preparing a dinner along with normal completion times include: Wash and cut vegetables for the salad (15 Minutes) Mix casserole ingredients (12 minutes)

Bake the casserole. (25 minutes). Toss the salad (3 Minutes) Set the table (9 minutes) Start the rice Cooking (2 minutes) Cook rice (25 minutes) Place the rice in a serving dish (1 minute) How fast can one person prepare this dinner? What if there were two people?

Day 2 Activity Lab #1: Nets & 3D Solids Portfolio Use this to store all of your materials for this unit. At the end, this will make up a significant portion of your grade for

the unit. Keep it organized! Objectives: 1. Pre-Assess Nets & Vocab. 2. Visualize & Sketch 3D objects as 2D Day 2 Wrap Up

HW: Nets WS (1-1) Day 3 Warm-Up Day 3 Activity Lab 1, Continued

Questions? Day 3 Wrap Up

Lab 1 Should be complete. If you are not finished, plan a time to come after/before school to finish. HW: Research Handout Day 4 Warm-Up Day 4 Activity #1

Precise Communication L ab Objective: Use Geometry terms to communicate with precision. Final Presentation Requirements Day 4 Activity #2

Sketch 2D Image & a basic Net of your product. Day 4 Wrap Up Finish & Study notecards - Quiz tomorrow. HW: WS 1-2, one team member may

bring a laptop tomorrow to begin working on visual aid for presentations Explain your answer choice. 1. 2.

Activity Day 5: 1. Finish 2D sketches. 2. Begin building 3D Model (Due Friday) 3. Project Manage: Do you have a group member that could begin working on your presentation visual aid while others work on the 3D Model?

Wrap Up Day 5 For tomorrow: Bring materials to build your product. Vocab Fly Swat Make, Buy, & Sell Products with 3D Pri nting

Day 6 (Week 3) WarmUps Day 6 Activity Organize Portfolio. Name (first and last) should be neatly printed on the tab. Tape Index inside the front cover of your portfolio.

Organize all documents in the correct order. Check out the Rubric.

Final Presentation Requirements Day 6 Wrap Up Get with your group outside of class if you need more time to perfect your product.

Do you have contact info for each of your teammates? Do you need to stay after school? Where/When will you

Final presentation inspiration: Day 7 Warm-Up Post-Test

On Desk: Calculator, Pencil, Eraser, Cover Sheet When finished, begin organizing your portfolio. Use the index. Day 7: Presentation Prep Day

Presentation Protocol Handout Presentation Rubric Audience Assessment of Speaker Class Expectations when hosting guests: What should each Role do to help make our guests feel welcome?

Day 8: Presentation Day! Friday, September 6th! Presenters: Be ready to come up as soon as the previous group concludes ("That concludes our presentation.") Audience: Assess each group as they are

presenting. Hand in your assessment in the transition of presentations.

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