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BART App Walkthrough For new BART users Our Group has decided to use BART: Broadcast. Alert. Respond. Turnout. as our preferred response management system Why BART? BART is a cost effective way of using available technology to communicate with each other for CFS purposes has GPS tracking capabilities so we can see people and vehicles on an electronic map when we respond to an incident How will BART affect you? We would like everyone with a smartphone to install the

BART app so we can see when you are responding to an incident This is not compulsory however strongly encouraged Why do we need to know you are responding? So we can see if your brigade has enough crew to respond an appliance to an incident If you cant get a crew then the Group Duty Officer (GDO) can respond another brigade What happens if I dont have a smartphone or I dont want to use BART? You are still a valued member of the brigade; The management team just wont be aware that you are available to respond. Non-smartphone users are able to receive alerts and messages via pre-paid SMS. They can also respond with their

status: 0 - not coming 1 - coming 2 - other How does BART work? BART has 3 different platforms Smartphone app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8.1 & 10 Tablet app for Android & iPad Two websites: Dashboard Regional platform Lets look at the BART smartphone app Your username and password will be

supplied by your brigade BART Admin Coordinators Smartphone Application Choose your preferred layout: Quick View List View Smartphone Application You can slide the Push Notification from your lock screen to respond directly to the alert or message

Respond from Push Notification Scroll message right Scroll message left Whos attending View Map Mark as Completed Done by appointed brigade reps as set by BART administrator (Shows other brigade members the vehicles are back at station)

If the Group Duty Officer responds they will hit the thumbs up Tap thumbs up: YOU ARE attending Tap thumbs down: NOT attending Other: used by Group Duty Officer to acknowledge page (trialling)

Quick View Screen You can toggle between List View and the Quick View screen In List View you can see at least 2 pager messages Tap Red Plus Circle to select: New Team New Discussion Message

New Broadcast List View Screen Windows Phone app has less features than the Android and iPhone app, however all of the basic features are available Windows Phone app is slightly different

List View Discussions Availability Settings Windows Phone App Refresh Goes back to Quick View screen Attendance by numbers. It appears you need the latest app for

this to work. Qualification by numbers. This feature is not fully enabled yet. List of whos attending List of who is NOT attending Picks up your Rosters status Attendees

Incident location Your location If you hold the incident location icon down within the smartphone app, you will be able to move it around to the correct location. Only available on Android and Apple Sometimes BART is unable to pick up the exact location from the pager message. E.g. @PETALUMA WINES #137/003

254 PFEIFFER RD WOODSIDE,MAP:ADL 137 M3, There is a Wine Ct, Petaluma, California, United States You can use your smartphone for navigation by following the route marked on the map OR use the directions tab Map Screen Checking availability for a total fire ban day or severe weather event: A pager message will be sent asking who will be available.

Members will use the BART smartphone app to give thumbs up or thumbs down to state their availability. Users can easily update their status during the day using this method. Non-smartphone users respond via pre-paid SMS Checking on Who is Available It has been decided by the Group that we wont enforce the use of the Roster function of BART at this time We do however encourage its use particularly in the summertime

What is important is using the thumb up and thumb down buttons Members are able to set one of three different statuses: Available Not Available At Premises (station or unit) Roster/ Attendance Screen Settings allows you to change Tones

and other features Roster/ Attendance Screen Discussions can be held between BART members of the same team. Basic text messages can be shared, as well as specific locations, images stored on your device, or you can take a photo to share Discussions are not visible on the Quick View screen

Your brigade has the ability to setup multiple teams to communicate with your brigade members. e.g. The Management Committee Discussion/ Chat Screen Broadcasts are

another way of sending messages. You can add an alert tone Note: the Alert Tone tick box A Broadcast message appears on the Quick View Screen To be able to send a Broadcast on a phone you need permission from your Brigade Admin Its possible to

send a location through BART via a Broadcast. If this example was sent you could open the message and BART will help you navigate to specified location. Message/ Chat Screen This will show your current location on the Dashboard but not track you Note: Your location will

stay within the system for 1 hour Allows you to listen to GRN streaming Updates your Roster. Will change colour depending on your availability The three dots starts this box The Track Me feature will track you on the Dashboard Note: Tracking will stay enabled for 1 hour

Selects streaming source Hide Completed Jobs Updates and closes this screen Advanced Options (3 dots) Screen GDOs will join each brigade so they can see who is responding. Be aware that GDOs will see your brigade discussions. GPS tracking is available to view individuals responding to an incident from work or home via the BART Dashboard (internet site). This use is optional. It can also be beneficial for tracking a private vehicle carrying sandbags or tracking food travelling to

the fire ground. Your BART smartphone will estimate your time of arrival to the station if you have GPS tracking enabled on your phone. It may also pick up your location from your home WiFi. Other Information 1/2 BART broadcasts may be used to send important information to all members of the Group or a single brigade (who have a smart phone). For example: GDO sends Strike Team assembly location along with an information message. We will continue to test this feature before relying on it. BART has the ability to set up teams. This feature is optional for brigades to use. Feel free to experiment with this feature. If you come up with any good ideas let your BART brigade reps know.

Other Information 2/2 The must do as an individual member of the brigade is to hit the thumbs up or thumbs down button when you receive a BART response message. You will find the Chat/Discussions valuable so please respond when asked a question. Its up to you how you use the other functions. You cant rely on technology to work all of the time. BART is an aid to help us and doesnt put the fire out so dont forget your CFS training. BART is a good solution for our response needs. More new features will be available in the future which will only make it better. Summary

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