Challenges of Non Functional Testing

Challenges of Non Functional Testing

Non Functional Testing Stevan Zivanovic Senior Consultant Probatur Ltd ( Outline

What is NFT? The Myths Some Of The Challenges The Benefits What should you do? What Is NFT? Non Functional Testing Testing of those requirements that do not relate to functionality

Currently Testing Standards show fifteen key categories, including Performance, Reliability, Security and Usability ( First, The Myths Non Functional testing can only be performed after functional testing

Only highly technical testers can perform this type of testing The Return on Investment is not favorable NFT only at the end Significant NF testing can be performed even before software is fully developed

Can iteratively develop appropriate tests Can assist the functional testing De-risk final testing Too Technical! Principles of testing are unchanged Modern tools are starting to make

scripting more accessible Often a company will have the technical resources available to assist testers With the right people, governance and financial backing everything is possible ROI Often cited is the cost of testing - is it worth it! Recent security error on banking site closed the site for ten hours (

Large retailer extended sales for days due to 2 hour performance related shutdown ( Legal requirements - e.g. data protection and the Disability Discrimination Act Some Of The Challenges

Environments - cost, complexity Planning - juggling act between availability of suitable functionality, environment and people Requirements - inability to define clearly and measurably what is required - Apply SMART Application - stability, lack of CM, late changes What is NFT?

The Benefits Have confidence in your system Have confidence in your offering to your customers Easing of support workload

Better planning of infrastructure Demonstrate conformance to legal requirements Keep your IT group happy! What should you do? Risk asses the areas as applied to your business Consider the investment in people and

infrastructure that you will require Consider external resourcing Non Functional Testing Stevan Zivanovic Senior Consultant Probatur Ltd 01223 744778 / 07748 902659 [email protected]

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