Extended Learning Module B THE WORLD WIDE WEB AND THE INTERNET McGraw-Hill 2008 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reser STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. 2. 3.

Define the relationships among Web site, Web site address, domain name, Web page, and uniform resource locator (URL). Explain how to interpret the parts of an address on the Web. Identify the major components and features of Web browser software. B-2 STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 4.

5. 6. Define Web 2.0 and its many technologies including wikis, social networking sites, blogs, RSS feeds, and podcasting. Describe the various technologies that make up the Internet. Identify key considerations in choosing an Internet service provider (ISP). B-3

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 7. Describe the communications software and telecommunications hardware you need to connect to the Internet. B-4 INTRODUCTION The Web and Internet are a part of every aspect of

your life Television Magazines Education B2C e-commerce Everywhere B-5 MODULE ORGANIZATION 1.

World Wide Web 2. 3. Search Engines Web 2.0 4.

Learning Outcome #4 Internet Technologies 5. Learning Outcomes #1, #2, and #3 Learning Outcome #5 Connecting to the Internet

Learning Outcomes #6 & #7 B-6 WORLD WIDE WEB Web multimedia-based collection of information, services, and sites supported by the Internet Interface you see and work with

Internet vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world Infrastructure that makes the Web possible B-7 Web Sites, Addresses, and Pages Web

site Web location where you visit, gather information, order products, etc USA Web Today site address unique name for a Web site Also

called a domain name B-8 Web Sites, Addresses, and Pages Web page portion of a Web site that deals with a certain topic Sports in USA Today

URL (uniform resource locator) address for a Web page, document, etc Technical term for a Web page address B-9 Web Sites, Addresses, and Pages Web site address or domain name

B-10 Understanding Addresses Consider (University of Technology in Sydney) http:// - starts most addresses but may be left off www World Wide Web uts the organization

edu top-level domain (organization type) au country location (if none, then current country) B-11 Top-Level Domains com commercial or forprofit business coop cooperative edu educational institution gov U.S. government agency

mil U.S. military organization net Internet administrative organization B-12 int International treaties organization info general information biz business museum accredited

museum name personal pro Accountant, doctor, lawyer, etc. Many more Understanding Addresses B-13 Web Browser Software Web

browser software enables you to surf the Web Three most popular Internet Explorer (Microsoft) Netscape (Netscape) Firefox (Mozilla) McGraw-Hill B-14

2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reser Web Browser Software All look slightly different but work the same with the same features Printing Web pages Working with a Favorites list or Bookmark list Etc.

B-15 Web Browser Software B-16 SEARCH ENGINES Search engine helps you find sites with the information/services you want

B-17 Search Engines B-18 Boolean Operators Miami Dolphins everything related to either Miami or dolphins and both Miami +Dolphins everything related to both appearing in a Web site

Miami Dolphins everything related to Miami without dolphins B-19 WEB 2.0 Web 2.0 (Live Web) second generation of the Web; focuses on online collaboration, users as both creators and modifiers of content, dynamic and customized information feeds, etc. Wikis

Social networking sites Blogs RSS feeds Podcasting Many others B-20 Wikis & Social Networking Sites

Wiki site that allows you as a visitor to create, edit, change, and often eliminate content Wikipedia is the most popular Others include Wiktionary, Wikibooks, and Wikiquote Social networking site site on which you post information about yourself, create a network of friends, read about other people, share content

such as photos and videos, and communicate with other people (e.g., Myspace) B-21 Blogs & RSS Feeds Blog Web site in the form of a journal in which you post entries in chronological order and often includes the capabilities for other viewers to add comments to your journal RSS feed technology that provides frequently published and updated digital content on the Web

B-22 Podcasting Podcasting your ability at any time to download audio and video files for viewing and listening using portable listening devices and personal computers. B-23

INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES Internet backbone major set of computer connections on Internet B-24 INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES Network access point (NAP) point on Internet

where connections converge (Dallas) Network service provider (NSP) owns and maintains routing computers, NAPs, and even connection lines AT&T MCI B-25 INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides access

to the Internet AOL NetZero Your school Your work Connects its computers to the Internet at an NAP B-26

Internet Servers B-27 Internet Servers Internet server computer provides information and services on the Internet Web server provides information and services on the Web Mail server provides e-mail services

B-28 Internet Servers ftp (file transfer protocol) server maintains files you download IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server supports discussion groups and chat rooms B-29 Communications Protocols

Communications protocol set of rules computers follow to transfer information Most common TCP/IP http ftp B-30 Communications Protocols TCP/IP

primary protocol for sending information on the Internet http supports movement of information on the Web ftp support file transfers (downloading and uploading) from/to other computers B-31 CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET You

do it through an ISP ISPs can be free, charge a monthly fee, charge a per-minute fee, etc Many offer Web space storage area where you keep your Web site B-32 CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET NetZero has both free and pay-for Internet

services B-33 Communications Software Connectivity software connect to your ISP Web browser software to surf the Web E-mail electronically communicate with e-mail B-34

Telecommunications Hardware Many types More coverage in Extended Learning Module E Telephone modem (modem) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Cable modem Satellite modem B-35 Telecommunications Hardware

Telephone modem connects your computer via a phone line (slow) DSL uses phone lines but supports simultaneous phone calls (fast) Cable modem uses your cable TV service (fast) Satellite modem Internet access through satellite dish (fast) B-36 Telecommunications Hardware

Typical DSL configuration with wired and wireless access B-37

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