Chapter 14 China China Reunifies - ecsjuniorhighhistory

Chapter 14 China China Reunifies - ecsjuniorhighhistory

Chapter 14 ChinaSection 1 China Reunifies Entry Task Using the map of China What are the natural barriers? Where is China vulnerable? Who is China

likely to have interactions with? Why is China Important to study? There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world. China has 150% more soldiers than America does, plus a high tech 'Kill Weapon

50% of counterfeit goods come from China. There are more English speaking honor students in China than in America. Han 1. collapsed Han Dynasty around 200 A.D. Known for starting the Great Wall of China The Period of Disunion 220-559

After the fall of the Han dynasty, China fell into a time of disorder, splitting into several rival kingdoms. War was common Nomads adopted Chinese traditions Chinas Dynastys

2.589 Suito Dynasty 618 A.D. Known for starting the Grand Canal (man made water river that that linked North and South China) Also the start of Martial Arts 3. Tang Dynasty( 618-960)

The Tang Dynasty Reunified China (brought China back after the Dynasty Period of(family) Disunion together) What did the Tang do for China? the Golden Age of China

Dynasty reformed military Tang Why is it considered thethe Golden Age of China? Created New Law codes Poetry became popular First woman to rule: Empress Wu

The Song Dynasty (960-1270) This was a time of Great Achievements, just like the Tang. Chinas population, we know, is huge, and tends to explode; its first explosion occurred in the Song. Rice as a staple crop China Reunifies What is Buddhism?

One of the worlds major religions started in India came to China during the Han Dynasty Teaches people can escape suffering and be in a state of peace

The Age of Buddhism Many people turned to the religion during the period of disunion, it provided a sense of peace By the end of the Period of disunion, Buddhism was well established in China

During the Tang, however, an emperor launched a campaign against the religion destroying much of the texts and temples Buddhism continued to play a role in art, architecture literature and the lives of Chinese citizens even today. A mix of Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism and other

philosophies helped to create a new way of thinking.

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