Chapter 2

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 Natural Regions of Pennsylvania Vocabulary for Ch.2 Atlantic Coastal Plain natural region located in southeastern PA, and is strip of low narrow land Region a large area in which places have something in common Transportation a way to move people and goods Suburb small community near a large city

Merchant someone who buys and sells goods for a profit Port a harbor or place where ships can load and unload cargo The Atlantic Coastal Plain Region The Atlantic Coastal Plain occupies a narrow strip of low land in southeastern Pennsylvania Pennsylvanias Atlantic Coastal Plain is part of the Delaware River Valley

People settled along the Delaware River because it provided a means of transportation Atlantic Coastal Plain Region Philadelphia is a major city in this region, and is the states largest city. Because of its location, Philadelphia is a major port for ships to carry products throughout the world. Today Philadelphia is a center of industry, business, and culture.

The Piedmont Region The word piedmont means foot of mountain The Piedmont Region is borded by the fall line in the east and the Appalachian Mountains in the west The Piedmont is a plateau with gently rolling hills and valleys The Piedmonts soil is among the richest in the world and makes the region ideal for farming

Piedmont Region The heart of Pennsylvanias farming industry lies in this region Some of the farmers in the Piedmont region are Amish The Amish are religious people who do not use modern conveniences Lancaster is one of the most popular towns in the Piedmont region Ridge and Valley Region

The Ridge and Valley Region is located north west of the Piedmont Region This region has a series of ridges and valleys; including the Great Valley The Great Valley runs the entire length of the Pennsylvania Ridge and Valley Region The Great Valley is an area of rich farmland The Allegheny Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian

Mountains, are located on the western border of this region Ridge and Valley Coal Mining is a major industry in this region Fruit and vegetable farming is important in this region Harrisburg is the state capital, and is located in this region The Pocono Mountains are located in this region

This regions many state parks and forests offer visitors many forms of recreation such as fishing, picnicking, and boating The Allegheny Plateau The Allegheny Plateau is the largest region in Pennsylvania It covers most of northern and western Pennsylvania This region contains mountains, hills, and valleys Glaciers and streams helped carve out

the different landforms in this region The mountaintops of the Allegheny Plateau are about the same height; which means that the region was once a The Allegheny Plateau Two famous landmarks are located in the Allegheny Plateau, Mt. Davis and Fallingwater Mt. Davis is Pennsylvanias highest mountain peak Fallingwater is a famous house that sits atop a waterfall; designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

There are many state parks and forests that provide forms of recreation; including hiking, camping, and waterfalls The Allegheny Plateau Coal is among the Allegheny Plateaus most valuable resources Pittsburg is a major city in this region Pittsburg was settled where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio River Pittsburg is a center of transportation, industry, and

culture Pittsburg is PAs second largest city Erie Lowland Region The Erie Lowland Region is PAs smallest region It is an area of low, flat land near Lake Erie The flat land in this region is ideal for building highways and railroads; which makes it a center of transportation

Erie is a good location for a port, and has grown to the third largest city in Pennsylvania Farming, industry, transportation and recreation are all important in this region This region is popular with visitors because of all the wild life, water activities, and history

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