Chapter 3 Section 5 - Mr. Kay's Class Website

Chapter 3 Section 5 - Mr. Kay's Class Website

Chapter 3 Section 5 Conflict in the Colonies Conflict in the Colonies Great Britain Raises Taxes Due to the French and Indian War Great Britain faced with how to pay for things. Needed Army in North America, needed to pay for the war 1764- Passed the Sugar Act Tax on Molasses and Sugar imported by the colonists First Tax specifically to raise money in the colonies

British Navy started to stop ships to check their loads and stop smuggling Power in the court systems peoples power was taken away. no juries, people were treated as guilty and had to prove their innocents Conflict in the Colonies Taxation without Representation The actions of the Parliament angered many colonists The Colonists thought they should have a say in if they get taxed or not

Leaders such as James Otis, Samuel Adams spoke out against these taxes. Adams at a town meeting in 1764 came up with the slogan no Taxation without Representation Adams also help start the Committees of Correspondence Were groups that in towns that looked at laws and ways to challenge them. Boycotting goods was a common method. Conflict in the Colonies Stamp Act of 1765

Colonists had to buy an official stamp or seal when they bought paper items Had to be paid on all legal items, newspapers, and other everyday items Similar act in England First time colonists were taxed on anything beside imported goods Protests started Groups like the Sons of Liberty formed to fight the tax Patrick Henry fought against the stamp act in court Said it violated rights Conflict in the Colonies

Repealing the Stamp Act Delegates from the 9 colonies got together and held the Stamp Act Congress in 1765 Sent a reply on the Stamp Act to congress It was repealed in 1766 Parliament was angry that the colonists challenged their authority and issued the Declaratory Act which stated Parliament had the right to make laws for the Colonists Conflict in the Colonies

Townshend Acts June 1767 Tax on pretty much every type of good that the colonists used Colonists boycotted and fought the acts This caused Parliament to disband the Massachusetts Legislature British troops were sent to keep order in 1768 Conflict in the Colonies Boston Massacre March, 1770

Protests At some point the British fired into the crowd and ended up killing five people The troops that fired and killed people were put on trial but were found that they acted in self defense Conflict in the Colonies Boston Tea Party Townsend Acts repealed except Tea Tax Tea Act 1773- British East India Company had sole right to sell to the colonies

Sons of Liberty demanded that three ships loaded with tea leave the Boston Harbor, but they didnt Dec. 16, 1773- Colonists dressed as Native Americans, went on to the ships and dumped them into the harbor Conflict in the Colonies Intolerable Acts British were extremely angry 1774 Passed the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) Boston Harbor Closed until tea was paid for Massachusetts Charter revoked

Officials sent to Britain for trial to face friendly judge and jury Quartering Act- had to house British soldiers Quebec Act- large amount of land to the colony of Quebec General Gage becomes the governor of Massachusetts Led to much anger and tension and eventually the Revolutionary War

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