Chapter THREE:Discovering Self-Motivation

Chapter THREE:Discovering Self-Motivation

Chapter THREE: Discovering Self-Motivation Quiz, Ring Toss, Index Cards 1 Homework Note: No late assignments will be accepted. 2

Quiz Time 3 Discovering Self-Motivation 5 A Formula for Motivation

VxE=M V = Values (how important something is to us) E = Expectation (how confident we are about achieving it) M = Motivation (how motivated we are when you multiple V and E) 6 Example of V x E = M Joes goal is to earn an A in his English class

Joe wants to become a published author, so his goal has high value, a 10 Joe always has done well in writing course, so his expectation of success is also 10 Joes formula: VxE=M

10 x 10 = 100 Clearly, his motivation is high Dive Deeper: What if it was a science class? Science is not Joes favorite subject. 7 Designing a Compelling Life Plan

8 Designing a Compelling Life Plan 9 How to Set a Goal Using DAPPS To be truly motivating, a goal needs 5 qualities DAPPS is an acronym: Dated

Achievable Personal Positive Specific 10 Dated

Motivating goals have specific deadlines Short term goals are a few months or less Long term goals are usually more than a year As your deadline approaches, your motivation typically increases If you dont meet your deadline, you have opportunity to review and create a new plan Without a deadline, you could stretch your pursuit of a goal and may not reach it 11

Achievable Motivating goals are challenging but realistic Example: Getting ready for a marathon: Practice one week before by running around the block Practice one year before with someone who has done it Set your limit not too high and not too low Ask yourself: Is achieving this goal at least 50% believable to me? Or Can this be done?

12 Personal Motivating goals are your goals, not someone elses Ask yourself if this goal contribute to your personal desire/dream 13

Positive Motivating goals focus your energy on what you do want rather than on what you dont want Translate negative goals into positive goals Negative: Im not going to fail this class Positive: Im going to earn at least a B in this class Negative: I will stop being late to classes Positive: I will arrive early to every class Negative: I will stop eating junk food Positive: I will start eating healthy food 14

Specific Motivating goals state outcomes in specific, measurable terms Example Good: My goal is to do better this semester Better: I goal is to achieve a 3.5 GPA by Dec. 12, 20XX Good: My goal is to play harder on the basketball court Better: My goal is to achieve at least 80% field goal by Oct. 15, 20XX

15 Review DAPPS Dated: specific deadlines for goals Achievable: realistic goals Personal: goals are your goals, not someone elses Positive: focus your energy on what you do want rather than what you dont want Specific: goals state outcomes in specific, measurable terms

16 Affirmation Exercise One index card for each student Before you write, think about qualities or characteristics you want, desire or strengthen Hint: think of your weaknesses and change them into positive qualities Outgoing, confident, creative, strong, organized, empathic, knowledgeable, secure, wise, supportive, assertive, etc.

Complete the following sentence: I am a _______ , _______ and _______ student Wait for further instructions Index cards 17 Homework

Journal 9 page 76 Journal 10 page 81 Journal 11 page 89 Read Wise Choices in College Taking Notes page 93 Journals for 5th edition only: 8, 9, 10

18 Study Guide Formula for motivation DAPPS Affirmation 19

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