Chat with OVS Experts Grant Fiscal Pitfalls

Chat with OVS Experts Grant Fiscal Pitfalls

Updated OVS Reimbursement Process Agenda Updated Guidelines for Reimbursement FCR / Claims for Payment Supporting Documentation Summary of Changes

Repayment of advance Dates to remember FCR / Claims for Payment Fiscal Cost Report Must be completely filled out Most recent form must be used Two authorized signatures Summary page and all corresponding back up sheets

Claims for Payment Can be submitted electronically Authorized signature Correct Vendor ID # Amount must match FCR Supporting Documentation Salaries Certified payroll Payroll register/summary Volunteer hours

Fringe no documentation is required Supporting Documentation Non-Personnel Services (NPS/OTPS) Contractual Services Invoice Receipt / Proof of Payment Travel / Training Invoice Receipt / Proof of Payment Travel log Equipment / Furniture

Invoice Receipt / Proof of Payment Supporting Documentation Non-Personnel Services (NPS/OTPS) Space / Properties / Utilities - No documentation required Operating Expenses Invoice Receipt / Proof of Payment Indirect Costs do not require back up documentation

Summary of Changes Updates The most current FCR form can be found on the OVS website. It must be completely filled out; if it is not it may not be accepted. Claims for Payment can now be submitted electronically; they no longer must be remitted by mail. FCR and the corresponding Claim for Payment should be submitted at the same time. Signed and dated copies of checks will now be sufficient as proof of payment; the backs of checks are no longer necessary.

Space charges now require no backup. Recoupment of Advance 25% (1/4) recouped with each reimbursement Example: $100,000 award x .25 = $25,000 advance $25,000 x .25 = $6,250 recouped from each reimbursement Could result in no reimbursement

There will be no advances for the FY 18-19 for traditional VAP/CAC contracts Dates to Remember January 31st First quarter FCR (10/1-12/31) Second quarter effective BAR

April 30th Second quarter FCR (1/1-3/31) Third quarter effective BAR July 31st Third quarter FCR (4/1-6/30) Fourth quarter effective BAR November 30th Fourth quarter FCR (7/1-9/30) $1000 rule Final Thoughts Know your OVS Contract Manager, they will be your contact at OVS for all programmatic and fiscal questions. FCRs and Claims for Payment should be emailed to [email protected] and cc your OVS Contract Manager.

Please email all questions from this webinar to [email protected] and reference the webinar in the subject line. On behalf of the New York State Office of Victim Services, thank you for your commitment to providing the highest quality services to innocent victims of crime in New York State.

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