CHENYING0907 - Princeton University

CHENYING0907 - Princeton University

Safe Driving for Commercial Vehicles in China Tianjin Soterea Automotive Technology Co.,Ltd. Smart Safety for Everyone Policy from government April, 2017, JT1094-2016 Safety specification for commercial buses January,2018 GB7258-2017 Technical specification for safety of powerdriven vehicles operating on roads May, 2018 Safety specification for commercial vehicle for cargo transportation-Part 1 goods vehicle FCW/LDW AEB ESC LKA 2018 2019-2021

Smart Safety for Everyone 2 Challenges for the Commercial OEMs Standards ESC: GB18655/GB17619 FCW/LDW: AEB: JT/T 883

ECE R131 ? Testing Where? How? Enough?

Technology FCW/LDW EBS AEB ESC Smart Safety for Everyone 3 Policy from government for smart driving Self-driving may need a long time maybe 8-10 years We need focus on L1/L2 technology now Jan 2018 Intelligent vehicles development

strategy exposure draft announced by NDRC aiming to have 50% intelligent vehicles by 2020, and apply LET and 5G on most of the main highways and main cities. Smart Safety for Everyone 4 Intelligent network-linked vehicles Intelligent network-linked vehicles are an important carrier and typical application for cross- border integration of automobiles, information, and communications industries, and are hot s pots for global innovation and the commanding heights of future industrial development. - 2018 Smart Network Automotive Standardization (03/27/2018) Thus the government seeks to:

Accelerate implementation of industry's standards in the development of the intelligent network-linked automotive standards system Continuously improve Intelligent Network Alliance Automotive Sub-Committee Increase the international standardization cooperation and coordination Promote China's national standards Smart driving companies for commercial vehicles Dec, 2017, Hai Liang selfdriving bus running on public road in Shenzhen. Nov, 2017 Tu Sen selfdriving truck arriving at seaport. Smart Safety for Everyone 6

Soterea Smart safety for everyone 400+ vehicles run with AEBS 15M+ km accumulated distance, 2017 3000+ vehicles, collect big data on smart brake performance, 2018 Data collection & analysis platform AEBS

L4 Smart Brake Smart Safety Smart Vehicle 18601025766 [email protected] Smart Safety for Everyone

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