Chi-nog 04

Chi-nog 04

CHI-NOG 04 October 9th, 2014 Chicago, IL @_chinog_ Overview CHI-NOG Background CHI-NOG 04 Agenda Roadmap Future meetings

How you can help or get involved? Feedback and book drawing Happy Hour Sponsors Diamond Silver Bronze

CHI-NOG Background CHIcago NOG, not to be confused with Chino G. the gangster rapper based on Googles top search results for CHINOG. CHI-NOG Background Started in 2013 by Tom Kacprzynski, Brian McGahan and Jason Craft. Hosting our 4th event. For info on our past meetings go to http:// Our goal is to create a Chicago based community of network professionals, by providing educational content, networking opportunities and certification advice. Redesign of See our previous events including presenations and video. Subscribe to the blog for news, updates and community blog posts. Community blog contribution benefits: help develop the CHI-NOG community receive higher exposure vs individual blogging collaborate with other network

operators/engineers on common topics receive recognition for your work Sponsorship structure Through the support of our sponsors we are able to provide the venue, t-shirt and sponsored happy hour, all without charging admission fees. Introducing a new sponsorship structure with 4 levels:

Diamond Gold Silver Bronze For more information please see Looking for sponsors to help us with the next event. If you know anyone please contact us. CHI-NOG 04 Attendees

Who is attending? Which sectors? CHI-NOG 04 Agenda - Interconnecting/peering and troubleshooting the connections. - After these sessions you should have a much better understanding how the Internet is interconnected, but most importantly how you can take advantage of peering. - You dont have to be a big ISP but an enterprise or a web company to take advantage of the security, the better performance and lowered telecommunication cost vs IP Transit.

CHI-NOG 04 Agenda Time 6:40-7:20 Presentation Combining the Best of Active and Passive Monitoring Author by Mohit Lad

7:20-8:00 The Internet Peering Tricks-of-the-Trade by William B. Norton 8:00-8:10 8:10-8:50 Break In Depth Technical Overview of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS- by Arin Vijn IX) Platform

When troubleshooting network issues, the question is not active vs passive monitoring, but which combination of approaches will provide the most value for different networks and traffic types. Well look at how active and passive monitoring work and when to implement each technique. Internet Peering, once relegated only to the largest ISPs in the world, is emerging as a practical mechanism for any network, enterprise, content providers, etc. to directly connect with their key trading partners. This talk will introduce the terminology and highlight a few of the most clever tactics that network operators have used to minimize their transit fees, and to directly peer with important networks that they otherwise would not be able to peer with. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) provides technical platforms for internet peering. These peering

exchanges have to be reliable and scalable. AMS-IX accomplishes this a little differently than most peering exchanges. It always has been on the forefront of deploying new technologies while keeping the network up and running. The technical and engineering aspects of running the exchange will be explained in this talk. Well take the networks in Amsterdam as case studies. 9:00-11:00 Happy Hour Sullivan's CHI-NOG Roadmap

Next meeting will be in 2015. We are planning for 2-3 events a year. Evaluating full day events. How many of you would be interested and would be able to attend? Roadmap How can you help and get involved? Follow us on twitter @_chinog_. Contribute to the community blog at Tell your coworkers and friends. Help us find sponsors for our events.

Help us find speakers for our events. Have any ideas to improve CHI-NOG? Please let us know. Feedback Please provide feedback at to be entered into the drawing. At 9:00 we will do a drawing for two autographed copies of The Internet Playbook: Connecting the Core of the Internet by William B. Norton. Happy Hour

Sullivan's Steakhouse (Hubbard and Dearborn) 415 N Dearborn St Chicago, IL 60654 9:00 11:00 Mohit Lad - Mohit Lad is co-founder and CEO at ThousandEyes - Mohit received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA where he conducted research in the area of large scale network diagnostics. - Prior to ThousandEyes, Mohit contributed to the Traffic Explorer product at Packet Design and later worked at Nokia where he built

a system to monitor mobile services performance. - Mohit is an active member of North American Network Operations Group (NANOG) and is currently serving on its Program Committee. William B Norton - William B. Norton is the Chief Strategy Officer for IIX and Executive Director for - Author of The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet, and is an internationally recognized expert on Internet Peering and Internet Exchange Points - From 1998 through 2008, Mr. Norton held the position of Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison for Equinix, Inc. - Mr. Norton led seventeen NANOG Peering Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions, which came to be a popular fixture at NANOG meetings.

- Mr. Nortons Business Case for Peering is now used by virtually every company that engages in large-scale traffic engineering. - From 1987 to 1998 Mr. Norton was the Internet Engineering Manager responsible for, among other things, chairing NANOG, the operations forum for the North American Internet from 1995 through 1998. - He received his MBA from the Michigan Business School and his Computer Science degree from Potsdam College. Arin Vijn - Arin is one of the principal design engineers of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). - In 2001 he joined AMS-IX when AMS-IX traffic peaked at 5Gb/s. It is almost 600 times higher today.

- Arin played a key role in making AMS-IX one of the largest and most stable public internet exchange points in the world. - Before joining AMS-IX he worked for AT&T Labs and AT&T Solutions in Europe. - He will be building the AMS-IX Chicago exchange. - Arin holds an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree.

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