China - Weebly

China - Weebly

China Section 2: Tang and Song Achievements Advances in Agriculture Chinese civilization had always been based on agriculture Farmers in the north grew wheat, barley, and other grains; Farmers in the south grew rice During the Song dynasty, farming reached new heights due to new irrigation techniques The dragon backbone pump light, portable pump that allowed farmers to scoop up water and pour it into an irrigation canal Underground wells Under the Song, the amount of cultivated land increased

Agricultural surpluses helped pay taxes to the government Merchants traded food crops Because food was plentiful, Chinas population grew quickly Cities and Trade City life Chinas capital and largest city of the Tang dynasty was Changan a huge bustling trade center The capital had a mix of other cultures Chinese, Korean, Persian, Arabic, and European

The capital was also known as a religious and philosophical center; Buddhist, Daoists, Asian Christians Trade in China and Beyond Trade grew along with Chinese cities this combined with Chinas agricultural base, made China richer than ever before Traders used the countrys rivers to ship goods on barges and ships The Grand Canal, a series of waterways that linked major cities, carried a huge amount of trade goods, especially farm products Construction on the canal had begun during the Sui dynasty During the Tang, it was improved and expanded The Grand Canal allowed the Chinese to move goods and crops from distant agricultural areas into cities

During the Tang dynasty, most foreign trade was over land routes leading west to India and Southwest Asia Traders also went to Japan and Korea in the east Chinese exported many goods tea, rice, spices, jade, and silk Chinese imported different foods and plants, wool, glass, gold, and silver During the Song, maritime trade (sea trade) become more important China opened its Pacific boarders to foreign traders During this time, Chinese developed porcelain, a thin, beautiful type of pottery

All of this trade helped create a strong economy A result of the growth of trade and wealth, the Song invented the worlds first system of paper money Arts and Inventions Paper Porcelain Invented during the Han dynasty First made during the Tang Woodblock printing

A form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood Invented during the Tang dynasty Gunpowder Mixture of powders used in guns and explosives Invented during the late Tang or early Song Movable type Song dynasty Made printing much faster Carved letters could be rearranged and reused to print many different messages

Magnetic compass Uses the earths magnetic field to show direction Han period; improved by the Tang Allowed sailors and merchants to travel vast distances Paper money Song dynasty Helped the Chinese manage their growing wealth

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