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Chinua Achebe-Dead Men's Path - Home - Woodland Hills ...

Chinua Achebe-Dead Mens Path English 12 Mr. Brown Mr. Baun Warm up Question Name a couple of things that come to mind when you think about Africa.

The Story Mapping Africa Activity On the blank map fill in all of the African countries that you know of. Where are the pyramids? Where are diamonds mined? What are the major rivers? Where are they?

Deserts? Where are they? What oceans surround Africa? Think-Pair-Share Pair up Discuss your answers with your partner. Choose a person to share with the class. African Countries

Diamond Mines African Rivers African Deserts Nigeria

Nigerian Vegetation The southern coast of Nigeria is rain forest. The central portion of Nigeria is forests. The northern portion is mostly a grassland region. The Igbo Tribe

Located in Southeastern Nigeria Population: 8 million Language: Igbo (Kwa) Neighboring Peoples: Ibibio, Ijo, Ekoi, Igala, Idoma, Nupe

Igbo Economy The majority of the Igbo people are farmers. Their staple crop is yam, and its harvesting is a time for great celebration. Igbo Religion Before Christianity most Igbo practiced some form of ancestor worship. Today most of the Igbo are Christian, but some

still practice the traditional religions. Religion Continued Men participate in a secret society called the Mmo(for the living). They were responsible for carrying out the funeral ceremonies. They induct the departed spirits into the Ebe Mmo(afterlife).

Vocabulary Denigration n.-defamation of ones character or reputation; slander Superannuated adj.-out of date Pivotal adj.-of central or vital importance Exit Slip Questions Name one interesting fact you learned about

Nigeria. Warm Up Question From 1850 to 1960 Great Britain basically claimed Nigeria as its own. Why do you think they would do this? What conflicts might result? Colonialism: The Scramble for Africa k Rudyard Kipling

Lived from 1865-1936 English poet, short-story writer, and novelist Celebrated British imperialism Wrote The Jungle Book, which was later turned into a Disney film. White Mans Burden Activity Listen and follow along as I read the poem We will break you up into groups.

Each group will be given a stanza of the poem to analyze. Read again and discuss Answer the five questions in the packet. Appoint a group member to share with the class. Groups -Period 1 Group 1

Mustaafa Jocelyn Taylor Shadayia Group 2 Oshea Lyeisha Gabby Brandy

Group 3 Michelle Hope Jasmin Maria Group 4 Sean Erin

Jen Jenna Group 5 Mikala Anna Daraya Kaloni Group 6

Maya Joe Niyimah Anthony Group 7 Helena Kayla Carmin

Deandra Groups- Period 2 Group 1 Joey Kirsten Samson Antonique Group 2

Tavaya Brandon Katrina Nichole Group 3 Shannon Shawn Teshaia

Azariah Group 4 Rachel Justin L. Shad Jessica Group 5 Amanda

Tasia Anthony Alec Group 6 Tieriq Justin P Shavon Dave

Group 6 Donte Raven Keaira Jamal Group 7 Jalen Josh

Groups-Period 5A Group 1 Mona Alex Group 2 Monica Anthony Joe

Group 3 Tiffany Micah Group 4 Calvin John Sara Group 5

Rob Sam Daesha Group 6 DJ Zain Group 7 Tanisha

Ryason Emilio Reading Strategy Question pg. 1306 What strengths and weaknesses does Obi bring to his job? He is young, energetic, enthusiastic, responsible, and has a very high regard for education. All of these things would make

him a good headmaster. However, he also seems to be stubborn, and not very accepting of the old ways. Big Idea Question pg. 1307 How has modernization affected young Nigerians like Obis wife? She has become concerned with modern methods like having the most beautiful

garden. She also wants all of the other wives in the village to envy her and her high social status. Exit Slip Question How do you think all of this information on colonialism and modernization relates to the story?

Warm Up Questions How do you define a character? Name a conflict youve struggled with? Characterization The art of creating characters for a narrative; includes their feelings, behaviors, appearance, and personality traits.

Jay-z and Beyonce Feelings? Behavior? Appearance? Personality?

Jennifer Lopez Feelings? Behavior? Appearance? Personality? External Conflict The struggle between a literary or dramatic character and an outside force such as nature

or another character, which drives the dramatic action of the plot. External Conflict Character vs. Character-conflict arising between two or more characters of the same kind Character vs. Nature-conflict that involves the main character against the forces of nature

External Conflict Watch these movie previews. Is the conflict Character vs. Character, or is it Character vs. Nature? wUg

Reading Strategy pg. 1307 What does this detail reveal about Obi? That he is very prideful of his work to a fault. Literary Element pg. 1308 What conflict does Obis assertion set in motion? The vandalism of his schools grounds, and ultimately a tribal war situation.

Reading Strategy pg. 1308 What does the village priest value? He values his ancestors and the traditional religion of Nigeria. Literary Element pg. 1308 How does the Supervisors assessment of the conflict differ from Obis.

Obi views the conflict as a way of breaking from the old ways of his fellow Nigerians, and bringing the school into the modern era. His supervisor sees the conflict as a direct result of his misguided enthusiasm. Exit Slip Question Give me one example of characterization. Give me one example of external conflict.

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