Choral Reading and Creative Drama - University of North ...

Choral Reading and Creative Drama - University of North ...

CHORAL READING AND CREATIVE DRAMA By: Morgan Fairfax Choral Reading Choral reading is an oral literacy activity in which several readers read a selection in unison with the direction of a leader Choral reading was an important element of Greek drama Choral reading was used during the early history of schools because they didnt

have enough books Choral Reading (cont) Choral reading involves listening and responding to language Students learn sounds, predictable language patterns, and the rhythm and melody which all enhance understanding, when they engage

in choral language. Choral Reading (cont) After choral reading experiences, children are better able to predict the words and phrases that follow another It is used to convey meaning through sound, stress, duration, and pitch Diction and enunciation of speech sounds are also developed with choral reading This is done with group interaction

therefore it gives students opportunities for social cooperation Choral Reading (cont) With choral reading and it being a group engagement the children do not have feelings of self consciousness Also Choral reading has no age limit kindergarten students enjoy it also with high

school students Selecting Material for Choral Reading Choral reading can begin as early as elementary school with nursery rhymes mainly in kindergarten Important elements in nursery rhymes are rhyme and rhythm and that helps to be memorized Being meaningful, having strong rhythm, and easy discernible structures should all play a role in choral reading pieces

Examples Pieces For Choral Reading So Long as Theres Weather by Tamara Kitt Godfrey, Gordon, Gustavus Gore by William B. Rand The Umbrella Brigade by Laura Richards

I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Glen Rounds Train Song by Diane Siebert Truck Song by Diane Siebert Laughing Time: Collected Nonsense by William Jay Smith Peanut Butter and Jelly by Nadine Westcott Planning Choral Reading When initiating a choral reading you should always prepare students by giving them

time to read the material silently and then have them read aloud to themselves or their peers After reading then discuss the literature to ensure comprehension After the students understand the selection they can practice reading it orally Planning Choral Reading

Teachers can help young children respond to language rhythms by clapping or tapping to the rhythm Teachers may chant the rhyme and have the kids join in with the last line or last couple lines It is good to use a single selection with various choral methods so the children can learn to use various ways of expressing meanings After students have several experiences with various choral readings they can then plan their own choral readings When students have developed their understanding of chanting in unison they can move to longer selections

4 Common Choral Reading Types Refrain-- the teacher reads most of the lines and the students read the refrain Line-a-child-- each student reads specific lines while the entire group reads the beginning and ending of the selection Antiphonal enables the reader to explore pitches and duration of sound. Most common

for higher grades and also known as dialogue choral reading Unison the most difficult choral reading because the whole group reads the whole selection Example of Primary Grade Choral Reading with So Long as Theres Weather

1. The teacher begins with crashing cymbals to simulate thunder or water poured from container to container to simulate rain 2. The teacher reads the 1st verse 3. The children read the 2nd verse in unison from a chart 4. The teacher or a child who had practiced reads the 3rd verse 5. The children read the 4th verse in union from chart 6. Emphasized words in the 4th verse will be accompanied by cymbals crashing Following Choral Reading Following choral

reading students can follow with creative drama to farther enhance literature Creative Drama -- Puppets -- Pantamiming -- Peer Acting CITATION Stoodt-Hill, B. D., & Amspaugh-Corson, L. B. (2009). Children's literature discovery for a lifetime. Boston: Pearson.

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