Cisco MXE 3000 TelePresence - Weebly

Cisco MXE 3000 TelePresence - Weebly

Cisco MXE 3000 TelePresence An Innovative Program in Adult Education Tanyka Brown, Shalanda Campbell, Robert Glass, Tara McEvoy, Lori Purcell 1 Dr. Dennis Morrow AET 510 February 21, 2014 2 Introduction Cisco

Systems MXE 3000 TelePresence is a video and spatial audio device that is designed to connect physically separated areas to appear as one by connecting a laptop computer or integrated document camera. Cisco TelePresence connects classrooms by creating face-to-face experiences through live campus videos. 3 Cisco MXE 3000 TelePresence 4 History behind TelePresence

A timeline Historical context 5 History 2006 Telepresence is Wired 2005 Cisco Systems launches Cisco TelePresence First telepresence distance education classroom is deployed and taught 2003

1999 TeleSuite is founded 1993 Worlds biggest Internet Protocol (IP) videoconference 1997 TeleSuite installs Tele-Dining in six Hilton Hotels 1964 AT&T unveils Picturephone at the New York Worlds Fair 1956 AT&T builds the first Picturephone Test System 6

History The number of executives in business school increased Institutions needed to identify a way to be more flexible and think globally Cisco developed the Connected Classroom to meet the need Connected Classroom 2013 7 Reasons Why Team B Selected Cisco TelePresence

Impacts Adult Education-Professional Development Global Commitments 8 Cisco Systems Impacts Adult Education Cisco Systems is capable of enhancing the classroom for adult learners by: Providing access to distant professors Developing audio and visual

technique to communicate with distant classmates Producing learning tools such as recorded lectures and course materials for students to reference 9 Professional Development Research shows that highly effective educators can be successful in the virtual classroom. Most of the strategies they already use to engage students can be adapted for TelePresence and online teaching. The devices that educators use to capture and share audio and video interactions in a

classroom include: Smartphones Tablets Cameras and other video capture devices Simple microphones built into a phone or tablet 10 Global Commitments India Education

Health Care 11 Andragogical Theory Self-Concept and Motivation Orientation to Learning Experience Readiness to Learn 12 Andragogical Theories Role of the learner experience- The learners experience impact on learning for themselves and others Team and group work enhanced through the diversity of varying adults knowledge, background and culture Orientation to learning- Learners

desire hands on task, real world experiences that are relevant and practical organized around their life and work schedules Adults want to troubleshoot real issues that are meaningful and set them apart from others 13 Andragogical Theory Support Related Theory TelePresence Feature

Role to Orientation Orientation to Learning Learners Self-Concept

Readiness to Learn Bringing together multicultural students Provide access to content experts anywhere anytime Integrate course lectures and live content with learning management system Increase professional development

14 Future Effects of Cisco TelePresence 15 Nine Principles for the Learning Society Engenders culture of life-long learning Aims to develop motivated learners Takes Learning to the learner Learning is for all, no one excluded Recognize people learn differently and strive to meet need New learning providers, public, private and NGO Develop new relationships between learner and provider Provide universal infrastructure

Support system of continual innovation and feedback 16 Conclusion Cisco has taken the lead in providing Video TelePresence Equipment that allows organizations to create an environment where they can have face to face real time communication. It is a high quality video experience that is cost effective, easy to use and will bring learners from around the world face-to-face. By improving the quality of learning through enhanced communication and collaboration, it will open doors to an array of innovative experiences that cannot be achieved in the traditional classroom. This advanced program can be used to serve more students, lower costs and enhancing online-learning capabilities. Globally it provides a reliable interactive classroom experience and reliable support in more than 120 countries. Team B understands that technology is changing the

world. Students need to have cutting-edge technology in their hands and access to the vast amounts of information at their fingertips. 17 References Cisco (n.d). Telepresence for education. Retrieved from CISCO. (2012, January). Tele-Presence: in-person experiences for all. Retrieved from Florida TechNet. (n.d.). Pedagogy vs. andragogy. Retrieved from Faber, G. and Jimnez, A. (2010). "Distance Interaction in Education Processes Using a TelePresence Tool Springer. Retrieved from: 10.1007/978-90-481-3656-8_92 Hughes, B. (2013). FAMU technology beams lectures to Crestview campus. Retrieved from

Lichtman, H. S. (n.d.). A brief history of Telepresence. Retrieved from images/HPL_Telepresence_Timeline_Feb07.pdf Metz, C. (2003). The Virtual Conference Room. Retrieved from,2817,888151,00.asp Patton, R. (2014) Cisco Supports to Connect More Students to Internet. Retrieved from Sujit, J. (2013, April). Cisco Systems to increase commitments to India, especially inclusion: John Chambers. Retrieved from 18 References (2014). Knowles postulates of adult learning [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Statt, N. (2013, February). Telepresence In Education: Cisco & Wharton Reinvent The Business-School Classroom. Retrieved from

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