Claims Management - California State University

Claims Management - California State University

FOREIGN TRAVEL Good Practices & High Hazard Approval Zachary Gifford Associate Director, Systemwide Risk Management The California State University Office of the Chancellor Rob Leong CSURMA Program Administrator Alliant Insurance Services Foreign Travel Ins Program Broad Foreign Coverage for CSU and/or Auxiliary Organization sponsored foreign travel involving low hazard activities such as:

Recruiting Research Workshops Partnership meetings Present/Attend Conference Study Abroad = By Campus Foreign Travel Coverage Who is Covered: California State University Risk Management Authority

(CSURMA) California State University (CSU) CSU Auxiliary Organizations 3 3 Lessons Learned (the hard way) High-Risk Travel Laying the Groundwork

What is the Universitys mission anyway? What are the desired outcomes? How to achieve the outcomes? Get the word out make it as personal as you can Travel Preparation Part 1

Begin planning as early as possible Review Trip Resources Scope and purpose of Travel Skill of Travelers Do not advance to part 2 until concerns are resolved Travel Preparation Part 2 Get to know your travelers and their destinations better Overseas Security Advisory Council (State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security) Familiarize yourself with local conditions and laws - State Department web site at has useful safety and other information

Identify and plan for potential hazards and dangerous conditions Itineraries, emergency phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook, Twitter everything you can get your hands on Get details, details, details. . . Do not advance to part 3 until concerns are resolved Travel Preparation Part 3 Pre-Trip Orientation trip leaders and travelers Include Emergency Preparedness Confirm and update information from part 2 and make appropriate trip adjustments Travel Periodic check-ins and/or incident reviews Support and assistance for critical events

Post-return support, assistance and debriefings FTIP Reporting Procedures Report foreign travel to Alliant and include the following required information at least 30 days prior to travel: Date of Departure Date of Return Destination Include all regions (cities/towns) of travel Purpose of Travel Number of Employee(s) Traveling Number of Student(s) Traveling Number of Other(s) Traveling and relationship to traveler Names of All Travelers FTIP Reporting Procedures (contd)

Confirm whether or not the country(s) participants are traveling are located on the following lists: CSURMA High Hazardous Country List (attached) U.S. State Department Travel Warning List (attached) ( If a country appears on the CSURMA High Hazardous Country or the U.S. State Department Travel Warning list the following guidelines apply: Campus President and Chancellor Approval (make every effort to give 30 days notice) High Hazard Requests tips to get to YES Fill out the on-line form as complete as possible

Travel Antacids Traveler sign up for STEP? Pre-trip orientation? (especially with student travel) Travelers familiarity with destination. In-country is it being done? What is being done to mitigate risk? Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizzcontd 30 days+ notice Itinerary Traveler can convey good practices by acknowledging additional security concerns

and providing more detail than not regarding the travel, the country, etc. Robust description regarding purpose of travel CSYOU Intranet: Select on Tool and Services Select on High Hazard Travel Complete Online Form Attach Supporting Documents / Select Submit To Print: Select View My Requests

Select & Open the request you want to print Select File and Print Obtain President signature Scan all documents and email Charlene Minnick at [email protected] FTIP Reporting Procedures Upon receipt of approval from the Chancellors Office, confirmation of binding coverage, the rate for the trip, and the Travel Assist Card will be forwarded (by Alliant) For all High Hazardous/U.S. State Department Travel Warning

countries, the following additional information is required (same as what is requested on Chancellor approval form): Contact information for the participant traveling Contact information of where the participant will be staying How will the participant be traveling from where he/she is staying and where he/she is conducting university business What airport will the participant be traveling to What additional security is in place for the participant while traveling to the high hazardous country ** There are high hazardous countries that require the approval of the Underwriter High Hazardous Countries

Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain

Cambodia Colombia Cuba Egypt Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Georgia India Indonesia Kenya Kyrgyz Republic Macedonia Nigeria Northern Ireland Oman Pakistan Peru

Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Tajikistan Turkey United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Venezuela

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Bosnia & Herzegovina Burundi

Central African Republic Cote d'ivoire Democratic Republic of Congo (formaly Zaire) Eritrea Ethiopia Guinea-Bissau Haiti Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kosovo Kuwait Lebanon Liberia Libya

Mali Northern Korea Rwanda Serbia Sierra Leone Sudan Syria Uganda West Bank and Gaza (Palestinian Terroritories) Yemen Zimbabwe U.S. State Department Travel Warning List

Burundi - 04/18/2012 Eritrea - 04/18/2012

Mali - 04/09/2012 Niger - 04/06/2012 Kenya - 04/04/2012 Chad - 03/29/2012 Yemen - 03/27/2012 Israel, the West Bank and Gaza - 03/19/2012 Syria - 03/06/2012 Nigeria - 02/29/2012 Colombia - 02/21/2012 Mexico - 02/08/2012 Pakistan - 02/02/2012 Iraq - 01/19/2012 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 01/12/2012 Sudan - 01/11/2012

Philippines - 01/05/2012 Central African Republic - 01/04/2012 Republic of South Sudan - 12/22/2011 Cote d'Ivoire - 12/16/2011 Afghanistan - 12/01/2011 Guinea - 11/04/2011 Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 11/03/2011 Iran - 10/21/2011 Lebanon - 10/12/2011 Mauritania - 10/12/2011 Libya - 09/22/2011 Algeria - 09/19/2011 Somalia - 08/19/2011 Haiti - 08/08/2011 Niger - 08/05/2011 Saudi Arabia - 08/05/2011

25 FTIP Coverages Best in Class

Foreign General Liability Foreign Excess Automobile Liability Employers Responsibility Coverage Voluntary Compensation Employers Liability Primary Medical Expense Emergency Medical Benefits Emergency Medical Evacuation Repatriation of Remains Benefit Emergency Reunion Accidental Death & Dismemberment Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Benefit Trip Cancellation (Self-Funded) Worldwide Travel Assistance

26 26 Assistance Services (EuropAssist) Pre-Departure Information Travel Medical Emergency Services Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Emergency Travel Assistance Contact Information:

ACE Travel Assistance Program 1-800-243-6124 (Inside the USA) 1-202-659-7803 (Outside the USA Call Collect) [email protected] 27 27 CLAIMS REPORTING 28 28 Questions?

29 29

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