Class Topics - Seneca High School

Class Topics - Seneca High School

02/09/20 Title: Anat & Phys 9/1/06 Objectives: To assess knowledge of preliminary information

and begin learning about histology Class Topics Review Chapter 1 Test Histology Epithelial tissue review Notes Connective Tissue The most important outcome of education is to help

students become independent of formal education. Paul E. Gray Sunday, February 9, 2020 11:00 AM Page: 1 02/09/20 Class Assignments

What Read 80-111 By When 9/12/06 Due this class period

Due next class period Due in the future Page: 2 02/09/20 Page: 3 02/09/20

Page: 4 02/09/20 Page: 5

02/09/20 Page: 6 02/09/20 Page: 7 02/09/20

Glandular Epithelium Secretion of a product goblet cells found in PSCC and columnar epithelium secrete mucus Glands endocrine - inside the body exocrine - outside the body

Page: 8 02/09/20 Connective Tissue Keeps other tissues in place Protein fibers found in C.T. 1. Collagen thick - resists stretching (tensile strength)

Tendons and ligaments, scar tissue 10% of humans weight Page: 9 02/09/20 Connective Tissue 2. Elastin Elasticity and Extensibility

can stretch and return to original shape skin 3. Reticulin very thin not prominent Page: 10 02/09/20

Connective Tissue Fig. 4-2 p. 91 Many types of connective tissue Page: 11 02/09/20 Connective Tissue

Fibroblast - cell that produces intercellular matrix (proteins) 1. Loose connective tissue (aka areolar tissue) random protein fibers - collagen and elastin mostly found between skin & muscles and between organs Page: 12 02/09/20

Page: 13 02/09/20 Connective Tissue 2. Adipose tissue large spherical cells protein present - reticulin fat storage

3. Dense regular connective tissue Proteins are organized (parallel) tendons and ligaments Page: 14 02/09/20 Page: 15

02/09/20 Page: 16 02/09/20 Page: 17 02/09/20

Connective Tissue 4. Dense irregular connective tissue matting of protein (not parallel fibers) Dermis - deep layer of skin Wrapping around bones and cartilage Periosteum or endosteum Page: 18

02/09/20 From: Page: 19 02/09/20 Cartilage

Much harder than other types of connective tissue protein fibers mixed with ground substance - matrix chondrocytes - cartilage cells found in lacunae Page: 20

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