Click to add title - Bayou Vermilion District

Click to add title - Bayou Vermilion District

The Acadians, Creoles, and Native Americans in Louisiana The Acadians Map of Nova

Scotia, before 1755. Replica of an Acadian house. Notice the steep roof. This construction

characteristic will later be found on Creole type houses in Louisiana. Marshes were a reality for early Acadians,

just like in Louisiana. Replica of the GrandPr church, where men were imprisoned before they

were deported. Acadian Memorial Cross, Grand-Pr National Historic

Site. There is a replica of this cross at the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville, Louisiana. Houses were burned to

insure Acadians would not come back. Families were separated as they got

on boats. There would be better days ahead arrival in Louisiana. This mural from Robert Dafford can be seen in the

Acadian Memorial in St.Martinville, Louisiana. Maison des Cultures -Typical Acadian home built of colombage (half-timber wall framing system) and bousillage (mix of mud and

Spanish moss) -The garonnire was where the older boys slept and was accessible by an exterior staircase. Maison Mouton -Typical Acadian home with a

detached kitchen. -La galerie (porch) served as an extra room in nice weather and for social activities. Cajun flag -The three fleur de lis represent Louisianas French

heritage. -The gold star symbolizes Our Lady of the Assumption, patron saint of the Acadians. -The gold tower represents Spain, which governed Louisiana at the time the Acadians arrived.

The Creoles Maison Buller The roof, steeply pitched, is typical of Creole construction this is thought to be of French Canadian origin (see Maison Mouton and other

Acadian type houses with similar roofs). Typical Creole house -John Baptiste Bergeron House, Pointe Coupee Parish.

-Notice the full front porch, which is seen in Creole constructions this probably comes from the Caribbeans. Raised Creole Plantation House

Ormond, St. Charles Parish. Double Pitched Some Creole house had double pitched roofs. This is the Destrehan Plantation, in Destrehan, St. Charles Parish

Creole flag -The white fleur de lis represents Louisianas French heritage. -Below is the flag of Mali, representing West African heritage. -On the upper right corner is the flag of Senegal, also

representing West African heritage. -The gold tower represents Spain, which governed Louisiana at the time the Acadians arrived. -The white cross dividing the four symbols represents the Christian faith.

The Native Americans Louisiana Tribes The territorial lines were practically impossible to draw as they were

constantly changing. Today, there are several tribes in Louisiana 1. Chitimacha in Charenton 2. Coushatta in Elton 3. Choctaw in Jena

4. Tunica-Biloxi in Marksville just to name a few Cabanage de Latanier -This is a replica of a 1840 Native American dwelling, built by an elder of the Houma Nation.

-This is a single family dwelling made of cane, palmetto, and bousillage (mix of mud and Spanish moss). *The Palmetto hut has recently been removed from Vermilionville. We are in the process of building a Native

American Common Grounds.

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