CME Meeting Planning - University of Miami

CME Meeting Planning - University of Miami

CME Meeting Planning CME AS A BRIDGE TO QUALITY Division of Continuing Medical Education Continuing Medical Education The CME Division at the Miller School of Medicine provides an opportunity for our practicing clinicians both to give presentations to other faculty or other practicing clinician as well as to themselves to learn and keep up to date on their practice. To care for their patients in an optimal manner. Medicine continues to evolve, so while you graduate from medical school, finish your residency or fellowship, your education isnt done because your field continues to move forward, you have to continue to learn those updates so you can incorporate those into your practice and into the care of your patients. Our practicing clinicians need to obtain certain number of CME credits to

retain their hospital credentials within our hospitals here at UHealth and anywhere in the United States. . THE CME DIVISION DELIVERS First Rate Professional Meeting Management and Coordination Services EVENT DEVELPOMENT ELEMENTS Requirements Planning Process Pricing Tools/Resources Forms EVENT DEVELPOMENT The Division of CME provides integral involvement in the educational planning,

including needs assessment, objective setting, target audience identification, activity development and evaluation, including: Accreditation Applications Budget Development and Monitoring Medical Finance Approval Meeting Site Selection Commercial Support Grant Applications Exhibit and Sponsorship Prospectus Marketing and Advertising PreMeeting ArrangementsMeeting Arrangements Meeting Management/Coordination PostMeeting ArrangementsMeeting Reporting Accreditation Applications Types of Credit AMA PRA Category

1 Credit The University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Psychology Credit The University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Upon request, Nursing Credit, Social Work

Credit and AAFP credit may be applied for on behalf of the course Budget Development and Management The Division of CME manages all aspects of conference finances: Budget creation and submission to Department Administrator and Medical finance for approval Income and expense management Budget reconciliation CME Divisions expertise of the Universitys finance policies and procedures expedites vendor services and

speaker honoraria/expenses A Profit and Loss (P&L) is conducted after each course striving for a profit or breakeven **For the past 2 years, each CME-Managed course has experienced a profit Medical Finance Approval The University requires that before any conference takes place, it must be approved by Medical Finance The Division of CME manages this process by ensuring that upon Department Chairman and Administration budget approval: An Event Approval Form is submitted to Medical

Finance If it is a repeat course, a P&L is submitted along with projected revenue for the course (grants, exhibit income and registration anticipated) Proposed course budget submitted (approved/signed by department administrator) Commercial Support / Grant Writing and Submission Online grants are submitted to pharmaceutical and device companies, as appropriate for an additional fee. This includes: Online entering of course objectives that meet practice gaps, identifying the educational need, learning gaps per area of interest, teaching methodologies, outcomes

measurement techniques (i.e., on-site evaluations/outcome evaluations) Submission of itemized budget tailored to the individual companies budget templates and criteria determining funding Follow-up and post-event reconciliation of the submitted course budget Meeting Site Selection Site recommendations/selection based on conference size, budget, target audience Comparative analysis and recommendation of

selected venues/location options Complete hotel contract negotiations Marketing and Advertising The key to a successful event is conducting effective and targeted promotion to the appropriate audience Marketing lists and fulfillment (Mail house services) Development of promotional materials: graphic design, brochures, Save-the-Dates, ads, etc. Submission of meeting notices/listings to appropriate journals/websites and free listings (if applicable) Media planning and preparation/submission of

paid advertisements to pre-determined journals Schedule/coordinate brochure PreMeeting ArrangementsMeeting Arrangements Faculty Coordination Contact guest and local faculty and send letters and forms Collect faculty disclosures Arrange Hotel lodging for guest speakers and course director Speaker audio visual requests, etc. and follow up on required CME forms Solicit Exhibitors Arrange exhibit cartage services Send exhibit requests and process applications

Secure audio visual services: Request quotes, advise re: equipment and set up, arrange audio and visual services when appropriate Materials Production/Design: Syllabus Handouts On-Site evaluations CME credit forms Faculty Disclosure summary PreMeeting ArrangementsMeeting Arrangements Registration Management : Process registrations Send registration confirmations

Process Refunds Enter registration pricing and discounts into System Coordinate/process POs, final payments to vendors, faculty honoraria,BERFs Record, maintain and reconcile all financial records (deposits/expenses) Meeting Management/Coordination On-Site Coordination: Order all conference food and beverage and ensure order is within

budget Arrange meeting room setup for all functions (general session, breakouts, cocktail receptions, dinners, poster sessions, speaker ready room, etc.) Design, order and arrange for on-site signage, slide deck Set up registration and ARS (as appropriate) Ensure VIPs are checked in to hotels Coordinate/manage staffing (registration, security, etc.) Provide course information/registration to attendees

Verify accuracy of vendor arrangements and PostMeeting ArrangementsMeeting Management Compile evaluation data and create summary Process forms/purchase orders/IDRs for payment of expenses Reconcile course budget Email documentation of attendance Provide final report to program chairman: Final attendance Geographic distribution Financial summary, etc. Contact Information For meeting planning services and more

detailed information regarding CME requirements, please contact: Oscar Reyes, Director Division of Continuing Medical Education JMT East Suite 1026 Miami, FL 33136 Voice 305.243.6716 Fax 305.243-5613 [email protected]

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