Code 210 All Hands Meeting - NASA

Code 210 All Hands Meeting - NASA

Code 210 All Hands Meeting OCTOBER 19, 2016 Agenda Transition to New Contract Management Software - Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) New CLP Tracking Process Key Procurement Policy Updates/Reminders Agency Initiatives from Business Services Assessment (BSA) Employee Recognition

New CLP Tracking Process We are halfway through the current FAC-C two-year training cycle of 10-1-15 to 930-17 Need 80 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) during this two-year training cycle to maintain FAC-C certification Changes this training cycle: All CLPs must be recorded in your SATERN Learning History Ensure you register for all internal training classes in SATERN Must use the SF-182, External Training Request, process to record Non-SATERN learning events/activities in SATERN Can no longer use the old CLP Tracker excel spreadsheet To record a learning event/activity that occurred outside of SATERN, you must first confer with your supervisor to ensure that they will concur with the hours you intend to record for the event/activity before completing a SF-182 in SATERN.

New CLP Tracking Process 1) From your SATERN initial screen, select from Easy Links, on the right side of the window, External Requests (SF-182). New CLP Tracking Process 2) Select New Request. New CLP Tracking Process 3) Complete all applicable sections of the form with attention to the following: Block B.3. Training Start Date and B.4. Training End Date The system will not accept a request with a date in the past; you must enter a future date. If your training event did already occur, please, enter some future date and add a comment in C.6. User Comments Block B.5. Training Duty Hours This is the field to record the hours you and your manager

have agreed apply. Block C.6. User Comments Please, enter a comment here substantially as follows; This is to record a training event that occurs outside of the SATERN system. Please, add another comment regarding the date of the event, if applicable. New CLP Tracking Process New CLP Tracking Process 4) Submit the request. It may take some days for the hours to be reflected in your learning history after your supervisor approves it. New FAC-C Continuous Learning Points (CLP) Guide will available on the 210 Employee Training & Development website that will contain the detailed SF-182 Instructions.

Key Procurement Policy Updates/Reminders Templates New Ratification CO Memos, Notification of Interested Parties under CBAs Tweaks/Updates continue Examples: PSM, GSA RFQs, Sole Source Letter RFP, Cost/Pricing Exhibits Document History Log being added to existing templates (except pricing exhibits) as they are updated. Senior Staff Common Problems - RFP/RFQ/Contract Award File Backup Available on the Main page under File Preparation and top of each 1098 Section Page IT Security Management Plan (ITSMP) Process The CS/CO shall ensure that the contractor uses the ITSMP template as the basis for submittal. (ITSMP Template is available on the Policy Website Tabs 85 and 117)

The CS/CO shall forward the ITSMP via encrypted email (PKI) to [email protected] for GSFC/WFF/IV&V/GISS actions, and Marion Meissner at [email protected] for 210.H Headquarters Procurement actions, requesting review of the plan. *For plans submitted by ASRC, contract Sergio McKenzie ([email protected]) directly. Key Procurement Policy Updates/Reminders Recent NFS Changes 1817.204 5 Year Limitation The 5-year period of performance limitation does not apply to the following circumstances: For those acquisitions where it is justified to procure Phases A through D or A through F and the period of performance is expected to exceed 5 years, a deviation is not required if the period of performance is approved as part of the original acquisition plan and the work included in the scope of the contract.

Phase-in periods of up to 90 days. Phase-in periods may be in addition to the 5-year period of performance limitation. Periods of up to 6 months beyond the 5-year period of performance limitation when permitted by FAR Clause 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services, for unplanned, unforeseen circumstances or events that are beyond the control of the contracting officer. (Note: PIC 00-22 has been archived) 1832.9 Submission of Vouchers Clause For Cost-Reimbursement-type or Time-and-Materials-type solicitations or existing contracts, replace GSFC 52.216-103 and/or 1852.216-87, with the new NFS 1852.232-80. Several FAR and NFS clauses/provisions which were previously allowed to be incorporated by reference are now required to be in full text. Clause Finder has been updated to reflect these changes.

Key Procurement Policy Updates/Reminders Review Process for RFPs/RFQs In addition to posting the Draft RFP documents in PDF, please be sure to save all Microsoft Word versions of key documents for use in the Final RFP review. Example of typical key documents in Microsoft Word include the main Draft RFP document (Sections B-M), SOW, Past Performance Questionnaire, RTOs, etc. Once the Draft RFP is posted via PDF documents, use the track changes function in these Microsoft Word documents to demonstrate any changes that occur between the Draft RFP posting and final RFP review. These track changes electronic documents, in addition to the final clean versions, shall be provided to reviewers via PKI e-mail during the Final RFP

review process to facilitate an efficient review. Key Procurement Policy Updates/Reminders Reporting Action The service contract reporting period (Oct 1 Sep 30) for FY16 just ended, and Contractors are now required to submit their reportable data into the SAM ( by no later than October 31, 2016 (see FAR 4.1705 and clauses 52.20414 and 52.204-15, as applicable). Note that the applicable contract clause also requires reporting from first tier subs if certain thresholds are met (see FAR 4.1703). The general schedule for the required reporting is as follows: Oct 31, 2016 Nov 1 - Nov 15, 2016 Contractors must have their reports inputted into the SAM system

COs review the contractor data and notify the contractor if any revisions need to be made Nov 16 Nov 30 Contractors make any needed revisions in SAM, or document their rationale not making changes for the Agency for Agency Initiatives/BSA Changes Procurement BSA Implementation Teams working to achieve greater efficiencies in the following areas: Optimizing Volume:

Strategic Sourcing Acquisition Assignments Contract Administration Optimizing Time: Evaluation Process Policy and Guidance Optimizing Leadership Knowledge Management Project Management Leadership Agency Initiatives/BSA Changes BSA activities are focused on new Agency Operating Model

Current model: 10 Field Centers with largely selfsufficient business functions New desired model: 10 Field Centers with interdependent business functions Consolidation of functions/contracts Centralization of functions/capabilities Sharing of resources/Communities of Practice Agency Initiatives/BSA Changes Changes in process or under consideration: Simplified Acquisitions transitioned to NSSC as of October 1 Supercomputing contract for Code 600 (210.Y) to be combined with Ames

Research Center contract for similar services Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III contract awards to be assumed by NSSC Agency-wide Aerospace Corporation engineering services contract to assigned to Goddard Management of Purchase Card program to be transitioned from Centers to NSSC in FY17 (Headquarters, Wallops expected in early CY17, Greenbelt in late CY17) Regionalized contracts under consideration; e.g., Construction Potential for Agency-wide contract for EEE Parts to be managed by GSFC Agency Community of Practice being established for SEB acquisitions Changes will require us to be flexible! Code 210 Guiding Principles

We create a positive, supportive environment where everyones views are respected We build/maintain strong trust between management and employees Leaders/managers look out for employees best interests Employees give best effort and are accountable for their work Leaders/managers consistently model the behaviors they expect from employees Employees are motivated to be inquisitive, offer ideas, and seek to understand why we do what we do Everyone takes pride in their work, and quality of work improves Employee Recognition

New Code 210 employees since last All Hands: Chase Lucas Code 210.I Seliste Acres Code 210.P Jessica Allman - Code 210.P (IV&V) Saba Ashrafi Code 210.P (Pathways Intern) New Contract Specialists Torey Stevenson Code 210.H Kristal Kerr Code 210.M

Odessia Becks Code 210.S Employee Recognition Code 210 recent and upcoming retirements Agnes Smith (210.M) Mary Brown (210.S) Sue Rambo (210.H) Jolyn Nace (210.I) Debbie Bittner (210.P) Kathy Seminara (210.I) Brenda Talbot (210.H) Billie Smith (210) Dawn Murvin (210)

Thanks to all for the years of outstanding support to Goddard and the Procurement Operations Division! Thank You Program Awardees oDeanna Herschell oAnn Haase oNaimah Bhuruku oTracie Ruston oKristal Kerr

oMichelle Delaney oLisa Mullen oRonda Stone oRaymond Jones oCodes 210.I & S Buyers oSteve Kramer oTamika Seaforth

oKeith Long oSuzanne Sierra oCandis Edwards oLaShawn Feimster oBruce Tsai oDavid Boon Upcoming Events

Ethics Training due October 31 Code 210 Climate Advisory Team II meeting - November 15 Procurement Training Conference (Atlanta) mid-November Mid-Terms to be completed by November 30 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) underway (David Boon - Code 200 Co-Captain) Code 210 Holiday Party - December 14 Building 8 Auditorium

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